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The Spanish Cup finished the top 32 competitions on Thursday, Real Madrid did not pass unexpectedly in the first 16 and Sporting Gijon was the only team left in the west.

Real Madrid, Merial & # 39; s to the Spanish Cup and the next generation of the new generation Vinicius (second from the right) and Sanchez '1 goal to make a goal scored in two rounds with a total score of 10 & # 39; Picture was old after golden celebrate with runners. (Photo: Associated Press)

(Spain. Madrid.) The Spanish Cup finished the top 32 competitions on Thursday.

Western Silla and Sco have captured most of the main forces, including the weaker Melila, Real Madrid coach Solari, Goalkeeper Kurtova, the new Golden Globe winning Modric, captain Ramos and others. Asencio scored twice and Oscar and his defender Sanchez scored 1 point for each goal and finally defeated Melila 6-1. The overall score of the two laps was between 10 and 1, and rose to the first 16.

Vinicius took the fifth goal of the season and Sanchez became the first team to win the adult team.

Abbas alone

The only La Liga civil war of the day, at the beginning of the coaching process, killed two times in Huesca from Bilbao 4, a total of 8 numbers to 0. Levante and Royal Bedis beat the lower league team and rose up to the first 16, but not only in Abbas.

In the first round, the second round of the team in 0-2 Gijon's Ebba still can't win in the second round, the final match from 2 to 2, Gijon 2 in the round. Compete with a score of up to 2. There are no La Liga teams in the Spanish Cup.

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