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Short-term attention is not a bad thing, there are also benefits as well.Keeping the focus for a long time will bring you to a higher level of stress. Our attention span is getting shorter, and now it's become a hot topic – you may have seen discussions on the TV, you've heard about it in podcasts, you can read it on Twitter, watch the related headlines on your watch, or experience the depressive experience after you reluctantly take off every morning. You feel that you can feel the feeling of getting up early.

According to a research report published by Microsoft in 2015, the average duration of human attention was reduced from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013 (more than just lost in a good way, continuous focus in just 9 seconds). The goldfish is still short and the number may be moving towards zero.

Of course, this alarmist has been around for a long time. An article in the 1897 American Electrician fears that the increase in trust in the phone will transform us all into "transparent jelly" and that the body and soul will solidify. Var Although the concept of our smartphone addiction (the most obvious criminals of the current attention crisis) is controversial, there are many studies showing that mobile use of obsessive-compulsive disorder can lead to separation anxiety and chronic missed phobias. Dicken syndrome (commonly known as the mother's hand, also known as the stenotic tendon synovitis) means overuse of the wrist or inappropriate force, resulting in inflammation of the wrist tendon, the abductor longus muscle and the short flexor tendon sheath form the wrist of the inflammation. enough to worry about these symptoms, perhaps people will eventually become "jelly".

What's weird is that even if we don't do anything with our mobile phone, our hands still don't leave our cell phone. Researchers in Paris observed that 37% of women and 30% of men were holding their smartphones while walking alone. (Only 18% of the time of Pales and men in Paris travel with their mobile phones, which sometimes means that we can attract the attention of the other side.

However, we should not easily blame our problems that distract us on smartphones – people's attention has always been preserved for a short time. A few years ago from the first-generation iPhone, on average, found that workers were focused on using a tool or document for just two minutes and were turning to other tools or documents. It is also a bad thing that attention is not always sustainable. Website blocking software allows employees to distract when surfing the Internet. Most of the time, they are more sensitive to time passing and may work longer – but they also attract more attention because they attract attention. High pressure levels.

For those who want to better control attention times, science offers some advice. In a 2016 study, it was found that awareness meditation could increase people's attention and concentration in a short period of time, especially for intensive multimedia multi-user users. A study published earlier this year showed that regular long-term benefits of awareness exercises could be higher than previously thought.

Finally, a question worth thinking about: How long do we want to keep our attention? It is good to continue for a moderate period, but staying focused for too long may increase stress levels. Today's problems may not be remarkable, but the lack of self-control against various interesting and engaging external stimuli.

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