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2018-11-25 04:36:07 Source: Football Europe and the United States

Original title: Serie A – demon star low shot deadlock dagger ball Inter Milan half 1-0 promotion

25 November at 03:30 Beijing time, in the 2018-2019 season Serie A match 13th round focused on Inter Milan's newly introduced Frosino against Milan's Meazza Stadium in Milan. & # 39; It was done. In the first half, Martinez faced the empty goal and flew the ball to Xiao Keita, won the first goal in Inter Milan.

3 minutes into the match, Politano put the ball away with a sling. Asamoah was very close to handing the ball, and Dan Brosio was very near to the penalty spot and Sportiero slumped onto the floor. Save. 6 minutes into the match, Inter Milan put the ball through his left side and Martinez shot a little of the left side. In the 7th minute, Keita quickly turned to finish her right foot and after leaning against Ariodo in a restricted space, she knocked on the door and the ball was blocked by Sportiero. 8 minutes, Politano cut the ball on the right and cut the ball into the back and then passed the ball back, Martinez faced the goalkeeper and the ball flew.

In the 10th minute, Inter Milan broke the gap on the field, Martinez took the ball behind him and finished his ball. The kick wasn't comfortable, but smash and smash came together and the ball was tied up in the grass. Fly to the network, 1-0! Keita scored the first goal of Inter Milan's career. 22 minutes into the game, before the back of the Keita, Nain took the Golan back and back, Martinez headed to his right foot and Spoeltiero blew his hands off the bottom line. 30 minutes into the corner, Inter Milan's corner, right in the penalty area by the right side of the penalty area by the side of the penalty area, and the Gallardini penalty area, and quickly attacked the Spotelielo quickly eliminated him.

40 minutes into the ball into the penalty area Ballero, Shkrynia & # 39; s top, the ball directly hit the right foot and the ball was tightly controlled by Sportiero. At the time of the stop, Keita dropped the ball and passed the middle. After clearing the defending player's title, Nain Golan missed the volley behind the arc.

Both sides played the queue:

Inter Milan (4-2-3-1): 1-Handanovich / 18-Asamoah, 37-Shkryr, 6-Defray, 33-Dan Brosio / 20-Bolha-Baleiro, 5-Galilardini / 11-Keta-Bard, 14 -Nin Golan, 16-Politano / 10-Lautaro-Martinez

Frosinone (3-4-2-1): 57-Sportierello / 25-Capuano, 15-Ariodo, 6-Gerdaniga / 33-Andre-Ya-Begto, 24-Casata, 88-Kresitig, 66-Kibsahhe / 17-Francisco Zampano , 89-Pinamonti / 9-Coffani

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