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Sejung’s Korean version of “Reprint Out” and | Kim Sejong | Kim In Sung is expected to voice In Sung in the musical.

[Epoch Times News on April 5, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled a report) According to a special report released today by Korean media “Nikkan Sports” (5), popular Korean singer Sejeong Kim (Sejeong) Korean drama “Exorcism Noodle House”) Japanese drama “Reprinted Out!” (Taiwan translation: Miss Comic Publishing) adapted and starred in the “Korean drama” Today’s Webcomic (오늘 의 웹툰). The game is expected to be released in the second half of this year.

“Reprint! (Miss Manga Publishing)” is the work of Japanese manga artist Naoko Matsuda. This work won the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun Work Manga” title and was developed by Kuroki Hua, Odagiri Joe, Sakaguchi Kentaro, Matsushige, Yasuda Akiko, Well. Well-known actors such as Katsuhisa Sei, Fumiro Koinata, and Yoshito Nagayama were filmed in Japanese dramas that aired in Japan in 2016.

The Japanese drama won the Script Award and Director Award at the 2016 Tokyo International Drama Festival Awards, and also won the Work Award and the Screenplay Award at the “CONFiDENCE Japanese Drama Awards” and was named one of the 89th best work awards. Japanese Drama Academy Awards Kuroki Hua, who starred in the main character “Heart of Kurosawa,” also won the best actress award.

“Reprint! (Miss Comic Publishing)” will be adapted for the Korean drama “Today’s Webcomic”. The plot is about the protagonist who was once a national judo player and has an incredible sense of smell. Ankle tie in competition crash … After delivering food to the comic book publishing section, Lu became a new employee of the comic book editor and started a new dream journey story.

Regarding Jin Shizheng’s lead role, her agency Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed that Shizheng actually made an appointment for the show and is still under discussion.

Sejeong, who also released his second solo mini album “I’m” on March 29, talked about his goal in “Yoo Xiyeol’s Sketchbook” released last week and “Musical drama and creation” was recognized. He participated in the Korean Army musical “Return: The Promise of That Day” last year, and this year will perform the musical “RED BOOK” with SF9’s Kim In-sung and others.

The game dates back to the Victorian era in Britain. The plot is about the woman “Anna (played by Kim Sejong)” who hopes to get rid of her, and the man named “Brown (played by Kim Inseong)” who lives as a gentleman. It works with mutual understanding and respect. “RED BOOK” will be shown at Hongik University Daehang Road Art Center Grand Theater in June.

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