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A few days ago, the "Jiang doll after the 90s", the Dong Jiangao incident caused social concerns and heated debate, and the subject of the era of the director of the city investment company was the subject of discussion.

Recently, daily economic news, 29-year Wenling City State Asset Investment Group Co., Ltd. skipped the chairman of the board: "At the age of 29, he is the head of 40 billion public enterprise, but the company needs to rely on state subsidies to make money." However, this is not an isolated situation in the country.Filong Province, Zibo City, Linyi District Public Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zibo Linyi Public Assets Company") is owned by the total assets of Zibo City, 12.131 billion yuan, also the state " There are a large number of young leadership "enterprise":

As of October 2018, in the Linyi District, which is responsible for organizing and implementing land development and consolidation, infrastructure and supporting functions, and other state-owned properties with more than 10 billion assets, all nine auditors have the responsibility of asyon 80 leyici and 90 & # 39; After the years, 90 '' s after 3, 1/3 for the accounting.

As early as November 2015, it is important to note that three young members of the board of directors have taken their duties.

When the chairman of the board of directors began his new position, he returned to 27. According to data from China Money Network in October 2010, Zibo Linyi Public Goods Company proposed # First Phase of Medium Term Notes in 2018 Mall with planned issuing amount of RMB 400 million RMB and 5. He explained. Medium term notes for the year. On November 6, the company issued another statement stating that due to the volatility in the market, this period decided to cancel the issuance of its mid-term notes and re-issue it to another opportunity.

However, the reporter stated that the aforementioned prospectus stated that the managers of the company stated the age of the managers when they stated the management risk and stated that they were ris managers, superiors and senior executives of issuers at younger ages iler. What is the situation behind this?

1. Board member

At the same time, the other two managers of Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. are Lin young faces Aynı.

In addition to the executives, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. 's superiors and senior executives are under' 80s' and '90s'.

2. Board member of the company

3. Senior manager

Based on the above information, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. has a total of 9 directors and supervisors: in 80 people & (6 people born in 1983, the remaining 5 persons Z 85 Yukarıdaki); "The oldest, Supervisor Gao Yuling, born in 1983, is the youngest year of birth, the director Chen Mingyang and Supervisor Cao Li, born in 1992.

One of the details that cannot be ignored shows that the résumé shows that three executives and some auditors have undertaken their duties from October to November 2015. This means that three years ago, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Company had become Company rejuvenated kı by senior leaders.

In particular, Zhang Gang, a financial mail, entered Zibo Linyi Public Assets Company in January 2014 and took charge of the president in November 2015. Just took a year 10 months ago and then. Since October 1988, he was only 27 years old when he took office.

See the other two "post-90" directors. Guo Hongkun, born in May 1991, was only 24 years old when he was director. Chen Mingyang, born in June 1992, was only 23 years old when he was director.

Not only the senior staff is young but also prospectus, as of the end of June 2018, 61 employees at the headquarters and Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co.

It used to be alı post-60s üm, when it comes to the traditional impression, the leader who is on the helm of billions of assets should usually be a more experienced person. Daily Economic News correspondent, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. The company, in an announcement made by the company, stated that the company was managed by "60s post".

The deposit date was ında 2017 Zibo Linyi Region Public Asset Management Co., Ltd. Company Bonds Prospectus eri published in April 2014. Executives and auditors of the company were available both in terms of age and history and were related to the current management team. There is a big difference – not only in terms of five board members, they all have experience in most government departments, not after the "60s".

According to the rhetoric explained in the aforementioned prospectus, Zibo Linyi was born with the diploma of Wang Shouguo, the President of Public Goods Company, in February 1965, with a bachelor's degree. He served as Linyi District Bureau, Linyi District Zhutai Town Secretary, and Linyi District Financial Office Manager.

At that time, director and general manager Lu Xinmin, male, born in September 1964, has a bachelor's degree. He was the Director of the State Asset Bureau of the Linyi District, Director of the Linyi District Supplementary Budget Fund Management Office, Director of the Linyi District Bureau of Finance, and General Manager of the Public Goods Company of Zibo Linyi.

The director and chief financial officer Zhang Yenian, who was born in April 1967, graduated with a bachelor's degree. He served as the deputy director of the Linyi District Financial Office.

At that time, the director and deputy director Wang Wei, male, born in September 1966, holds a bachelor's degree. He was a junior high school teacher and Yantai Township, secretary of the Communist Youth League of Linyi District, and deputy chairman and deputy director of the Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd.

Later, the director, Peng Yanshui, male, born in December 1969, holds a bachelor's degree. He was Secretary of Youth League Branch of Jinan Petrochemical Economy School, Chief Accountant of Zibo Shengli Petroleum Joint Venture Company, Business Manager of Huaguang Company of Linyi District Materials Bureau and Director of Property Management of Zibo Linyi Public Assets Company.

In addition, only one of the five members of the Supervisory Board at that time was beş the post-80s Denetim. Three senior executives have the same status as directors after 60.

It is worth mentioning that the official website of the Linyi District People's Government had provided information on the organization of the Linyi District Financing Bureau on January 24, 2018. The names of Wang Shouguo, Lu Xinmin and Zhang Yinian were included in the main leadership list.

Why did a state-run company originally managed by "post-60" gave a group of directors the important duties of directors? What are the tasks of Dong Jiangao after these "80's" and "90s" in real performance?

In addition, on October 16, 2018, according to the time limit for the disclosure of the 2018 First Phase Medium Term Notes Prospectus, one of the latest Dongquan high-income employees of Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. Due to the end of the month, 6 (including 3 directors) should expire in November this year and the remaining two auditors will end in April and May 2019. However, as of December 3, the reporter could not find a statement on the change of the company's Chinese direction on the change of Chinese currency on the internet. Then, has there been any change in the list of senior auditors of Zibo Linyi Public Assets Company compared to the previous one?

On the afternoon of 3 December, the correspondent company called the contact number described by the company.

The person answering the phone said that it was the office phone of the company, when the reporter asked for an interview, the company leader had gone out and asked the reporter to send the interview question to his e-mail address. Although the other party was confirmed to receive the mail on the same day, as of the press date, the reporter could not get the company's response to the interview question.

Ere Zibo Linyi Region Public Asset Management Co., Ltd. participated in the management of 21 companies with assets exceeding RMB 10 billion. 2018 First Phase Medium Term Notes Recruitment Guide ü mentioned the company's president, general manager and other senior executives. Both the quality of the work and the ethical quality have been rigorously reviewed and the company will be appointed after being qualified.

However, the prospectus also draws attention to the management risks brought by younger management personnel:: Company executives, supervisors and senior executives are between 24 and 31 years old and younger. Expansion of the scope of work may have a certain impact on the long-term development of the issuer due to lack of experience and experience. "

So, what kind of company?

According to public information, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co. Ltd. is a state-owned company registered in the Linyi District People's Government and registered in 1996 in the urban area of ​​Zibo City, Linyi District. In September 2012, the Linyi District People's Government handed over the company's equity to the Linyi District State Asset Management. As of the end of June 2018, the company's capital of 200 million yuan, 100% Zibo City Linzi Region belongs to the State Asset Management.

In terms of business scope, the company mainly deals with urban infrastructure construction investments, construction investments in new rural areas (small towns), development and consolidation of land reserves, management of public goods within the scope of the authorization of the district administration and industrial investments permitted by the state.

Further research suggests that there are a number of participating holding companies within Zibo Linyi Public Assets Company. "Zibo Linyi Zone Public Asset Management Co., Ltd. 2018 First Stage Medium Term Notes Recruitment Guide" shows that as of the end of June 2018, the company invested in 21 major enterprises including 7 holding companies and 14 participating companies in the monopoly industries and cement such as electricity and heat and industrial industries such as plastic weaving. One of the participating companies is Shandong Qingyuan Group Co., Ltd. Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. Ltd., Has an own equity of 37,74%.

As mentioned above, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., as a capital contribution company of the State Property Asset Management Bureau of Zibo City Linyi District. Ltd.'s main business is in infrastructure construction, heating, coal, water supply, land transfer revenue and other revenues. There is an absolute monopoly.

From the perspective of income perspective, from 2015 to 2017 and from January through June 2018, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co. The operating income of the company was 877 million yuan, 957 million yuan, 1.033 billion yuan and 484 million yuan, respectively, corresponding to the operating gross profit. They were 72,625 million yuan, 104 million yuan, 125 million yuan and 44,692 million yuan respectively.

As of the end of September 2018, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co. Ltd. 'S assets were 12.131 billion yuan in total and 6101 billion yuan and its total owner was 6.030 billion yuan.

In addition, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. has invested a total of 1.194 billion yuan in construction projects since the end of June 2018. According to the plan, from 2018 to 2020 it is planned to invest 1.375 billion yuan, 929 million yuan and 680 million yuan.

The reporter noted that Zibo Linyi Public Assets Company has repeatedly entered the bond market financing to collect funds. In 2014, the Company issued a total of 1 billion 7-year maturity tah 14 Lending Debt 5 corporate bonds and after the completion of the payment earlier this year, the Company did not issue a total of 2018 corporate bonds, totaling 2 billion yuan and 5 year maturity. (Protective housing) "18 Linyi 01", "18 Linyi 02".

In August this year, Zibo Linyi Public Assets Co., Ltd. In the credit rating of the first phase of the 2018 mid-term notes, Shanghai New Century Credit Rating Investment Service Ltd. Ltd. Şti., Main credit rating açık AA “and announced its debts. Evaluation of "AA" credit rating.

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