Monday , December 6 2021

"Poison: Deadly Guardian" broke the domestic box office record 1.8 billion: this year in 7th place – Movie – cnBeta.COM


On December 2, the US official company in Sony ColumbiaScience fiction film "Poison: Deadly Guard" box office broke the prevalence of 1.8 billion broke. According to Yi's data, "Poison" ranked 7th in the box office on the mainland in 2018. He leads the introduction of "Jurassic World 2" and "Top Player", but there is still a double gap between the "Red Sea Action" champion.

"Poison" mainly tells the story of the old journalist Eddie in the Life Foundation Laboratory, who discovered the "conspiracy" of ancient and foreign species experiments, and was accidentally hit by alien poison. Unexpectedly, Eddie formed a symbiotic relationship with poison, but then came the dark forces as well as the killer …

The word "poison" now shows two levels of differentiation.Rotten tomatoes only 29% fresh and local watercress score 7.3.The extra point brought by Stan Lee's ”egg Stan?

According to the news, in October 2020 "Poison 2" is expected to be released.

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