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Party branch of Jiaxing Film Group held party history study and training special organization life meeting

Party branch of Jiaxing Film Group held party history study and training special organization life meeting

Release date: 2021-07-28 15:29
Information source: Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau

In accordance with the spirit of the relevant announcements of the Central, Provincial and Municipal Party History Education and Education Leading Group Directorates,On the morning of July 27, the Film Group held a party history study and an education special organization life meeting.Party Committee member and Deputy Director of the Jiaxing Municipality Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau, Chen Jianjiang, attended the meeting to provide guidance and comment.All party members surroundThe theme of “Learning Party History, Understanding Thoughts, Doing Practical Work and Creating New Situations”, seriously implement the requirements of “Learning history to clarify, learn history to increase credit, learn history to respect morals, and learn history to put into practice”. “, exchange learning experiences, find gaps and interiors Individual consciousness”, achieve solid “four self-confidence”, “two care”.

In order to realize this democratic life meeting, the party branch of the group made serious, meticulous and thorough preparations. Before the meeting, it organized an intensive study and discussion, received the views of all parties, held candid talks, examined and prepared the draft. branch committee and united agreement to compare and check materials, and we will do a good job thinking and working well for a good democratic life.

According to the meeting arrangement, on behalf of the film group branch committee, branch secretary Xu Xing prepared a report on the party branch’s work in the past six months, especially the party history learning and training work, and the party branch committee status of the issue.Secretary Xu focuses on welcoming the partyFor the 100th anniversary, under the “grand party building” model, under the leadership of the political structure, meticulously conduct party history learning and education, fully play the role of the party branch’s struggle stronghold and the leading role of party members, and renew the form and content of party-building activities. The party history study reported on the study and education of the film group’s party history from five aspects: strengthening theoretical arms, gathering ideological consensus, strengthening party member leadership, strengthening team building, building carrier platforms, enriching promotional tools, serving the community. civilians and insist on practice to encourage.

All party members of the company compared the theme of this organization life meeting, made individual comparison checks one by one, delved deeply into their own shortcomings, carefully made criticism and self-criticism, and achieved the goal of unifying thought, increasing unity and solidarity. inspiring spirit.

Party Committee member and Deputy Director of the Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Chen Jianjiang commented and said:1. Film group party history study and education, democratic life meeting procedures are strictly regulated, pre-meeting preparations are sound and sufficient, branch party history study and education is sound. Such results cannot be achieved without pioneering and taking an example. the role of each party member. 2. Thoroughly study and research the problems, analyze the root causes and see the bones, find the problems and look for the root causes, so that theoretical work and practice are organically combined. The ultimate aim of the 3rd party history study is to advance the study. Learning meaningful history, learning history to increase credibility, learning history and learning history to respect morality is a new journey to build a modern socialist country. Only the Communist Party can have a new China. The study of the history of the party needs to be transformed into work motivation, and the work and educational activities need to be deepened to a higher position. Next, the film group crew will do a good job of planning. In the post-pandemic period, the movies faced the lack of strong movies and the demolition of Zhongshan Studios. In the special period, the team members will have good planning and how to expand the industry and find new growth points. We must unite as a whole, base ourselves on our tasks, play the leading role fully, use points to guide, set an example effect, and combine with practical actions to open a new situation at work.

Finally, when Secretary Xu Xing drew his conclusion, he emphasized that the first is to make real changes. For the problems that the individual poses, we must examine one by one and examine their solutions; We should seriously think about the problems that our comrades expressed in mutual criticism and analyze their root causes, and we should definitely find, identify and identify the problems. , and find their positions; Common problems should be combined with actual work in their respective positions, proactively solicited, responsibilities assigned, and actively corrected. Regarding all the issues raised in today’s meeting, we must knit, take orders, set up accounts, consolidate responsibilities and correct within a limited time frame. The second is to insist on working hard. Insist on combining educational practice activities with film development. The film has entered a serious period. We must focus on the business goals set at the beginning of the year, focus on central work, carefully analyze the gaps by time node, study and determine the focus and breakthrough points of the next. make an effort and do our best to promote the implementation of various tasks.

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