Thursday , September 16 2021

“Neil Artificial Life Upgrade” will add new weapons via free DLC_story

Original title: “Neil Artificial Life Upgrade” will add new weapons via free DLC

PS4 / Xbox One / PC 《 Neil“Artificial Life Upgrade Edition” is the new breaking news, this study not only gun stories but also DLCAdditional weapons are released for free in DLC format. Other points are as follows:

The gun story basically comes from the dataset published by Dengeki PlayStation and there are new content as well.

-DLC additional weapons also have weapon stories.

-Yokoo: “Why I asked Mr. Fujisaka to paint the Masked King and Feiya’s Tachie-e, there is an interesting episode. Next time I’ll talk about the details.”

This study will be published on April 22/24 and the Chinese version will be released simultaneously.Return to Sohu to see more


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