Tuesday , October 26 2021

National Games: Xie Sisi of Guangdong wins the men’s 3m springboard championship_Wang Zongyuan-Sohu


  1. National Games: Guangdong player Xie Sizhen wins the men’s 3m springboard championship_Wang Zongyuansohu
  2. ◤Chinese National Games◢After the last two rounds of the big comeback, All Red Chan is 10 meters awayChina Press
  3. How long can he sit on the throne for the 10-meter Taiwan All Red Chan senior champion of the National Games?Sinai
  4. 14-year-old half wins Olympic Games and National Games double crown All Hongchan lucky behind extraordinary powerSinai
  5. In the National Games three-meter springboard semi-finals, Xie Siyu first Wang Zongyuan made exciting progress with a mistakeSinai
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