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"My heart into the" fixed file 11.24 Zhao Jie, Zhang Yiyuan staged a romantic story of a romantic Mary Su – Chinese Daily

On November 24th, young actors Zhao Jie, directed by director Wang Wei, and Zhang Yiyuan, Wang Xi, Zheng Wenrong and others star in & Into My Heart, n based on the original novel of the same name in the North. The film "Into my heart" is the popular network IP of the "Yun Teng Project" of iQiyi literature. This film and television adaptation will continue to show the audience a sweet and loving style about romantic love between Jingyan and Yuxi. story.

"My heart into the romantic quest of gentle kisses, pure love, Mary Su

The film "My Heart" recounts the Yu family's feathers and has become an independent self-developed aircraft model to prove that it is leaving home. With the help of Agent Ou Chen, he received great brand approval and saw that the other company's brand manager was ex-boyfriend Jing Yan: the rest of life had to continue to co-operate with Jing Yan, who was also revealed because of large-scale damage. . The secret in the shadow of the past …

The young actor Zhao Jie plays Jing Yan, a prosperous presidential hero in the film, and the wealthy man Qian Yu Yu, played by Zhang Yiyuan, is a couple who still love each other, even though he already left. Zhao Jie, a Taiwanese actor from China, his sunny and handsome appearance, is loved by countless female listeners as well as helping to create a hegemonic presidential role. Performance is worth the wait.

Iqiyi Yunteng Plan IP Adaptation Youth Tells Sunshine Positive Energy

The film "My Heart" is reported to be based on popular IP with the same name as "Yun Teng Plan". The original ir Inside my heart i is written by the author of the iQiyi signature writer Beibei, and the female frequency is the leader of the sweet sorrow type. Inin In my heart inin the film and television adaptation had very exciting parcels in the film, and at the same time, he began to think too much in the cast, and all of this was seen in front of the audience. Effect.

The film iyor Into my heart genç takes the feelings of urban youth lovers as the starting point: In describing romanticism, it also records the inner emotional depiction of the younger generation according to the background of time. In the film, the relationship between the female Yu Yu and the male master Jing Yan became the biggest emphasis of the film and the most anticipated perspective that the male master would be "sad to win love".

Aiqiyi Literature of "My Heart" movie, Shanghai Tianyong Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Tianjin Taomeng reported that Yinhan Tianhe Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Taomeng Galaxy were produced by special version. On November 24, I landed at the iQiyi and the exciting content is worth waiting for.

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