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"Moon City", "fourth season" begins on the plateau – Military News


When we look at the land of China, where is the closest to the moon?

You can think of Tianshan Mountain as the poet Li Bai's "Mingyue Mountain, the sky between the clouds", you can think of the Himalayas from the geography class "the third pole of the world" … Today, Xichang Satellite Launch You should not ignore the Daliang Mountain, which is located in the southwest of the mainland.

Since 2007, Chang & # 39; s e-1, Chang & # 39; e-2 and No.3 probes have left here, going around the moon, walking around the moon and setting the moon. The distance between China and the moon, that is thousands of years closer and closer. Because of the bright moonlight, the small town of Xichang, which has been the küçük moon city küçük since ancient times, has another meaning.

At this time, the Xichang launch site, surrounded by mountains, long March 3 B rocket, stood quietly in the 2nd tower. Under the lighting of the projector, the milky white arrow glows reflecting the moonlight of the sky. Just wait for a password, it will rise to the ground and you will get detector number 4 to start your journey.

Now, on the "Moon City" plateau, the beginning of the "fourth season" of the rushed moon's drama series slowly opens.

Moon exploration drama –

Season different, collection very exciting

The international authoritarian academic journal, Nature, foresees global science and technology events in 2018 and realizes its first soft landing behind the world. In the eyes of Netizens, this is also the finale of the Chinese Aviation Year of the Year.

For Chinese aviation, this month is not the first time for discovery drama –

In October 24, 2007, Chang was the first moon satellite of China to the sky. Ilk Around the moon ilk succeeded and checked the Moon and took the first step in deep space explorations in China.

On October 1, 2010, Chang & II II rediscovered the moon palace and achieved the world's first full moon map with a resolution of 7 meters.

On December 2, 2013, No. 3 makes China the third country in the world to perform soft landing and moon patrol detection on the Moon.

On October 24, 2014, the third phase of the moon exploration project was successfully re-entered on the flight tester and technical verification was carried out for the task of sampling the moon and returning to the 5th world.

On May 21, 2018, the mission relay star "Bengqiao" was launched and the land went to the L2 point of the month.

A month of exploration series, the season is different, the collection is very exciting. But the first scene of each episode coordinates the same – Daliangshan Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

In 2007, Zhang Wei, who graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University and went to the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, luckily tech chased ve all-months exploration dramas. In the heart of this "post-85" daughter, "For the launch site system, the excitement of each aviation drama has already rolled before the ignition button is pressed."

Before the launch of Chang-e-1, a launch tower built for the moon exploration project rose from the ground. At that time, the construction team used only one year and 17 days to create the "Chinese miracle" on the construction of the earth space tower.

Prior to the launch of Launch # 2, the major systems of the launch center will prepare the task for the task three months in advance, strengthen product quality and technical tests, and break the launch technology of the launch rocket directly into the Earth-moon transfer orbit. More paced.

Prior to the launch of the No.3 launch, the measurement and transmission system of the launch center completed seven updates, such as the adaptive modification of the fiber optic relay system, and for the first time, the dual laser habit and satellite navigation modified composite guidance method was used to ensure the accuracy of the rocket. Eventually, the accuracy of the number of parts of Chang III was more than three times higher than 2 …

It's a great start, a great start to every season's great drama, every point is hard to come by.

"Rocket and satellites are stable and everything is just depending on the weather." This year, as head of the meteorological support team, Zhang Wei 15 provided accurate meteorological support for its launch mission. This year he spent more than 200 days on the launch pad in the valley.

The launch of the 4th launch will be an important factor in the launching of the high altitude wind in the winter, and the altitude of 8,000 to 12,000 meters above sea level. How is the East Wind brought? On the eve of the launch, Zhang Wei and his team met a realistic test.

It's not just Zhang Wei. The other teams in the launch area also challenged the new challenges and new features of task number 4 and achieved new successes in the diğer fourth season ılar until the last moment before the launch.

Moon Explorer –

No one is a supporting role, not everyone plays

For the 13th time as the launch system "01 commander", 38-year-old Chen Zheng still feels "great pressure".

"This is an" invincible "launch." Li Benqi, deputy director of Xichang Satellite Launch Center Planning Department, knows the difficulty of launching its 4th launch: only 4 launch days with 4 narrow windows, the window lasts for up to 4 minutes. In the shortest 1 minute, you will miss two windows less than 50 minutes later, you can only wait until the next year.

Chen Zheng's den 01 Commander ih is equal to the entire ass of the launch system. He is responsible for coordinating the entire launch task and the entire process control. Any omissions and errors may cause the launch window to be overlooked.

But that doesn't mean that Chen Zheng is the absolute star of this drama. Silah Zheng Aviation is a weapon with thousands of people. There is no supporting role for anyone here. Everyone plays a role that can affect success or failure. Iy Chen Zheng.

Similarly, the station's senior engineer Yan Liqing also said. In "01 commander", Yan Liqing directed 26 throwing missions repeatedly and succeeded the second time. Some people say that it is a "blessing," he said, "The secret of success lies in the fact that I have a strong team behind me who is determined to take part in serving the country and strengthening its belief in aerospace."

Young "Gold Finger" He Long is a member of this team. In his fourth launch, He Long's mission was to launch the launch button, fire the engine, and release the rocket.

Pressing this button is not good. There are 3 screens in front of He Long's station and there are more than 200 flashing status lights on the display. When the light is on, when it is off, flashes once every second and flashes within two seconds, it must be familiar with the heart – the abnormal condition of the lamp may affect the ability to push the start button.

The other end of each status light is connected to a subsystem or operating point of the test system. In these positions, all operators must play the same 12-point spirit as He Long to ensure that their work is flawless.

Starting from Chang'e e-1, Xichang Satellite Launch Center noted the launch of "zero windows" in all previous missions.

"Zero-window" refers to the firing of the rocket at the pre-calculated start-up time and does not allow any delays or changes.

”Zero window pencere is important. As an example, Chang & # 39; E-1 & # 39; field of "zero window" launch, the satellite has provided 120 kilograms of fuel savings and extended his four-month lifetime.

It is not easy to implement "zero windows". Space launch requires multiple systems and several subsystems to work together. The leak of any operator can cause all launches to miss the optimal startup window. Behind "zero window" is the team's pursuit of zero error, zero error, zero error, zero error and zero negligence.

Alı Why should the ’01 commander ‘be labeled” 01 “? Dı In the interview, the reporter asked a lot of people in the center of this question and took different answers.

Çünkü Perhaps, because many people want to do l 0 ın without making any mistakes to reach all the launch m 1 e. I Someone answered that.

Exploring the Moon Dream –

The series will never stop, tomorrow is worth waiting.

Hainan, warm up in the summer in winter. Hu Xudong has a hot heart in the Hainan Wenchang Space Launch Area, opening the mobile phone and seeing news that mission number 4 has completed the rocket fuel.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, in the future, the No 5 in Wenchang Space Launch Site will be launched.

This means that after the successful start of the number 4, the second phase of the three-step un weeding, falling and returning ın strategy will be completed and the dönme baton ”of the third phase of the moon exploration project will be transferred from Xichang to Wenchang. . .

This can also mean the end of the great Liangshan's i fly off the cliff ay story, and the new legend gel flying the sky and chasing the sea in the moon büyük will take place in the new world.

From Xichang to Wenchang, away from mountains and rivers. The latitudes of the two places vary up to 10 degrees and the straight line distance exceeds 1200 kilometers. In 2012 Hu Xudong first came to Wenchang from Xichang and took about 40 hours and caught the train along the way.

Xichang from Wenchang, not far. Most of the astronauts on the seashore looking at the new bear were coming from the "trench people" in the deep launch area of ​​the Great Liangshan Mountain. The spirit of successfully lifting the flying sky once and for all was taken from them.

Since the start of construction in 2009, Wenchang Space Launch Site has completed two modern launch stations and has completed the launch of the Long March 7 and Long March 5 rockets and the Tianzhou-1 cargo spacecraft. Li Benqi said that the next step will be more supportive facilities for heavy rocket in the Wenchang Space Launch Area.

Right now, as Xichang spacecraft is about to release eti four girls, & Hu Xudong and his colleagues are next in China's next generation big push rocket Long March 5 for the discovery of deep space in the outer space of China's further space. They are actively preparing for launch. Boat. "

From Xichang to Wenchang, witness the expansion of the launching capacity of the Xichang Satellite Launch Center and witness the general aviation capabilities of China.

From Xichang to Wenchang, the Lunar Dream Relay will be staged in the future and will be launching large tonnage space stations, cargo ships and large-scale polar orbit satellites.

From Xichang to Wenchang, not far away, it is definitely worth the wait …

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