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Mistakes made by the Palestinian team were frequently beaten, what is the impact of the national team on the Asian Cup semi-finals? – WASHINGTON

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21 November 2018 02:18 Source: Beijing Youth Day Interaction join

Mistakes were frequently beaten by the Palestinian team and Lippi could not hide his disappointment.
What is the impact of the National Football team on the Asian Cup semi-finals?

Lippi is very keen to win this game and has no choice but to help international players.

Last night, shortly after the opening of team leader Feng Wei, the Chinese men's football team rose to 1-1 in this year's last European-class warm-up match, which is lower than the 24 Palestinian teams. National football coach Lippi kept the whole game alive and commanded, but failed to change the weakness of the team at both ends of the attack and defense. The clubs and footballers who come to Haikou to participate in the Super League's annual awards of this national football team do not see much hope of competing for the Asian Cup semi-finals.

After the last whistle of the Chinese-Pakistani warm-up match, coach Lippi, who has spent more than 90 minutes, has headed for the exit passage. Reporters and fans at the scene knew that the ord silver fox dü was not so good when he saw that he was looking downwards and looking. Last night's match was not the last A-level warm-up match before the national football, but also the last official match that Lippi led the country before leaving the national team. Lippi is very keen to win the game in terms of personal feelings and preparations for the Asian Cup, but the result is counterproductive.

In the 9th minute of the game, Feng Wei took the free kick from Li Xuepeng, the first goal scored by Feng Wei for the 70th soccer game. However, Feng Wei's "Iron Tree Blossom" can be said to be one of the most important features of tonight's national football. Chinese team. 63. minutes, the accepted ball, buried the proposal.

Lippi has stalled from the beginning of the game since the beginning of the game.Albatiers have said a few words for low-level errors, either a few words or extended their hands and expressed helpless help. This was not the previous coaching of the Chinese team. More common. In terms of staff regulation, players are the club leaders in local professional leagues in the first season, but unfortunately they can be surrounded by foreign aid, but they cannot come together to form a strong synergy for the national team even if it is Lippi. Efforts to touch inside potential cannot be changed for the expected appearance of the team.

He also played for the national football team, including five reserve players, including the main team of the team in the Asian Cup. Lippi reiterated that the majority of the 24 participants in the training will join the Asian Cup. However, Zheng Zhi will add a number of players in the next training sessions, including Zhang Lin, and the old injury number.

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