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Liu Guoliang, "New Officials received three fires" to be Professional Professional People – News News News


Description: Liu Guoliang's new table tennis organization named Xinhua News Agency's presidency

Liu Guoliang, who had returned to Liu, Liu from the guidance of Liu, has made more efforts to reform and has won the hearts of more people. Liu Guoliang, head of the new table tennis association, said, erne The new table tennis association should make athletes a center. Siyah

After Liu Guoliang returned to Guoping in September this year, the call for the head of the new table tennis association was too high. And it was clearly prepared, and future business ideas and reform aspects are already clear.

Break the communication mode

In the history of the national table tennis team, players and coaches do not have the chance to choose each other.

The two-way election between athletes and coaches is a new idea after Liu Guoliang took office. Liu Guoliang, kendi This is a more human approach.. Coaches and athletes have their own styles and characteristics. Athletes know their needs and know the trainers who need to pass through the bottleneck at a certain stage. Better than the previous tasks of the coaches. "

Title: 2012 London Olympics, Chinese team coach Liu Guoliang (second from left) and team members Zhang Jike (first from left), Wang Wei (second from right) and Ma Long on the podium.

A few years ago, Liu Guoliang had thought to establish an athlete committee … Now his date has matured on his date. He said that the establishment of the Athlete's Committee was able to apply the phrase "let athletes be the center." "The outside world is in line with the international community and has the right to speak. The athletes committee has a very strong voice. In the league, the national team and future commercial development will serve them with reasonable demands."

Reform Education System

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be a new mixed race competition, which allows Liu Guoliang to consider whether a separate training application for male and female teams is needed to break and to mobilize a new preparatory system. "Mixed couples are the first gold and only a couple of players are involved, our indoor training cannot be separated. Male and female teams must be together, otherwise mixed couples cannot practice, but can the training base accept so many people? Who is responsible for the mixed couples? These will be new challenges and new challenges. kur

This year's Asian Championships and the Swedish Open, Japanese women's table tennis rose strongly and the Chinese women's table tennis team has always faced unprecedented challenges. With striking considerations, Liu Guoliang made a bold reform: First, men and women's team coaches were exchanged, and then the ping-pong Li ban on foreign aid cel was removed. Looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics, Liu Guoliang drew attention not to make empirical mistakes. "Very close to the Olympics, but Guoping's strategic thinking is still a little less. We need to sit down and study now."

Create a table tennis large IP

China's largest star, the highest economic level and the largest mass base, table tennis should have a better development. However, Guoping received a fire in the Rio Olympics, but could not support the development of the Chinese Table Tennis Super League. Liu Guoliang was deeply affected after reviewing the newly created T-League in Japan. How to build table tennis in China The biggest IP has become the target of the new table tennis association.

Liu Guoliang said: ve In the past, the association did not take place and the two teams had a number of people. Now this happens. After a career change, professional people do professional things. I hope the table tennis unit is stronger. Um

Description: Liu Guoliang watched Beijing's training at Xinhua News Agency in September

Liu Guoliang frankly said that after thinking about leaving Guoping for over a year, he was thinking about how to improve the ping-pong event. “After I jump, I can see more clearly. It is also possible to rely on the effect of table tennis as well as the good performance of the championship and market. Şampiyon In the last few years, he hopes to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics. Lieutenant supported the development of general table tennis. "We need professional teams and professionals."

Chinese table tennis, world share. This is the voice of Liu Guoliang, hoping that the new table tennis associations will become the ice breakers of sports reform in China and create an unprecedented way of professionalizing and industrializing of table tennis. (Xinmin Akşam News reporter Tao Xingying)

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