Tuesday , October 19 2021

Li Jiaxin's brother-in-law, Xu Shixun, died at the age of 97 and caused tens of billions of assets.


Xu Shixun and his son Xu Jinheng, his mother-in-law Li Jiaxin

According to Hong Kong media reports, Hong Kong's first ship leader, Xu Aizhou, and China Construction Enterprises Director Xu Shixun, died at the age of 97. Xu Jinxun's son Xu Jinheng married Hong Kong's sister Champion Li Jiaxin in the early years, and after Li Jiaxin entered the door, Xu Jia's son, Xu Jianxi was born. The Xu Shixun family has a large corporation in Hong Kong that has developed a large business and investment business, and in 2009, it became one of Forbes' list of richest people in Hong Kong. It is reported that the investment is very good and the family is very rich and the property is at least $ 10 billion. yuan. Xu Shix's is best known for his love of horses and is the largest horse of Hong Kong, and has broken records more than 100 times.

A few days ago, Xu Jinheng and Xu Jianzhong were photographed at the Hong Kong funeral parlor. They both seemed seriously and didn't say a word. Xu Shixun will establish a spirit in the funeral hall in Hong Kong this month on 9th.

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