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La Liga Bell scored 10 rounds, Real Madrid still bats 5 – Sports | Sin Chew Daily


Oolong and Vazquez 's volleyball with the away team "Galaxy Battleship", "2" one after the other in a row won the host.

Real Madrid was defeated 2-0 to win Valencia, Vazquez scored to win. (Photo: AFP)

(Spain, Madrid, 2) On Saturday in the 14th round of La Liga, Real Madrid played against Valencia. With the team defense gas posing for Oolong and Vazquez, "Galaxy Battleship" ended 2-0. Destroy the "bat" and win 2 consecutive victories at home.

In the first 13 minutes of the game, only 9 goals lost in the first 13 matches, but the league lost in the 8th minute. Carvajal stood in front of the guest team in front of Gabriel's right wing and then stated that the Gaya fell to pass the ball. The former golden head shook, but accidentally put Real Madrid 1-0 in the front.

It wasn't until the 83rd minute that Real Madrid had successfully completed the victory. Binzma hit the left side of the penalty area Vazquez pushed the ball in front of the penalty area, Galaxy battleship defeated Valencia 2-0 and the score rose to 23 points.

Real Madrid "Da Sheng" Bell still could not come back from the Champions League to La Liga, the league has saved 10 pounds in 793 minutes, La Liga broke the door of the longest goal of his career, the last goal in early September of this year.

Katouis rescued her face

In the second half, Valencia controlled the scene completely and missed the opportunity in 72 minutes. Chelsea & # 39; s opponent Bashuyai, Real Madrid & # 39; s defender Valané & # 39; s stealing the ball caught the error and went to the meeting in the middle of the penalty area.

As the most important signatures of Real Madrid this season, the performance of Kato Iss was gradually expanded by the media, but after the Solari served, the last round of the League Galaxy 3 played 7 games and won 4 times, even though it was a fiasco. With exceptional performance, the team is the best. Kato Iss is not the first to pick up the ball, but in September of that year, Madrid Derby also hit Griezmann's one-handed shot and stressed the fighting spirit.

In the face of such a good performance by opponents, Navas, who could not replace Real Madrid's goalkeeper, did not only swallow the heart, but also the time for the team to leave.

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