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Korean Masters & Women's Singles Champion Li Xueyu rankings returned to TOP25


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03 December 2018 01:22 Source: Chongqing Morning News Interaction join

Korean Masters & Women's Singles Champion Li Xueyu rankings returned to TOP25

(Reporter Tang Wei) Yesterday afternoon, in the women's finals of the 2018 Korean Badminton Masters, Chongqing Olympic champion Li Xueyan, 19-year-old sister Han Yue win a championship in 21:10 and 21: 18 defeated for. Perfect for 2018 season. This year, Li Xueqi won four championships in eight races and the world rankings rose from 25th to 25th.

Earlier, Li Xueyan and Han Yue met in the semi-final of the last stop in India, Li Xueyu lost Han Yue in the game on 9:21 and watched the opponent advance to the final and successfully tracked the first crown of the season. won. This is also the return of Li Xueqi. The third time of the season was lost at the same door and the second half of the year could not be collected. However, when he came to the Korean Masters, Li Xueyan, Mariska, Fidani and Wu Weiwei, such as the actors in a row eliminated, the situation is tough and eventually won the final with Han Yue.

In the first match of the final, Han Yue was a little slow, Li Xueqi scored 7 points and scored 11: 4, winning the first game 21:10 in just 10 minutes. In the second game, Han Yue scored 5 points to get a 6: 2 start, but Li Xuezhen was steadily balanced and outscored 11: 8. After both sides reached 13:13, Li Xueqi scored 5 points and scored 18:13, eventually winning 21:18 and winning the fourth crown of the season.

At this point, Li Xueyu won four championships in eight races in the 2018 season. Lingshui Masters won the US Open, the Canadian Open and Korean Masters championship. 32 wins and 6 losses rose to 252 during the world rankings 242.

However, Li Xueqi's four championships won both 300 and 100 this season. Both the South Korean and Hong Kong Super 500 races have stopped the first round. If you want to enter the Tokyo Olympics, Li Xueyan will be in the 2019 season with a higher challenge than the top 500 on the top.

Next season, among the world's top 30 female singles, Li Xueyan and Han Yue will have seven Chinese athletes, and the nationally feathered woman bachelors in the trough are slowly recovering.

Tang Wei

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