Friday , December 3 2021

Kawani Weibo celebrates Wang Shuang: Congratulations on winning the Asian football, they are winning together in football. _ League _ Chinese real time live score network


  1. Kawani Weibo, Wang Shuang celebrates: Asian football win, congratulations, domestic football _ league _ China real-time live score network
  2. Xinhua: Football Association Awards for China Football Progress Wang Shuang adds fire to women's football development
  3. Defending the honor of Chinese football is also connected to women's football! "Asian sister" Wang Shuangbi shoulder Sun Wen Ma Xiaoxu – China News Net
  4. Xinhua News Agency: Wang Shuang catches the rebirth of Chinese women's football
  5. We have to thank Rose for dressing the king of the Chinese football to relieve the perception of the world.
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