Wednesday , October 20 2021

Japan soon announced the ban on state purchases of Huawei and ZTE products – Voice of America (VOA)


  1. Japan soon announced the government's ban on the purchase of Huawei and ZTE products: Voice of America China (VOA)
  2. Car lessons? Carved for the sword? Will the market response of Hanwei's event revive the ZTE? Wall Street
  3. The suspected re-creation of the ZTE case, the United States needs allies to arrest the Huawei CFO, no worries in Canada
  4. News: ZTE lost 5% in early trade with a turnover of 500 million yuan on turnin.
  5. 5G sudden black swan! Huawei CFO was lowered, more than 400 funds were placed in heavy positions, how can the ZTE crisis escape from Wall Street?
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