Friday , October 22 2021

Hammer Tech 001 employees resigned: replied to the answer – Smartisan Hammer Technology – cnBeta.COM


7 December at Hammer Technology No. 001 and User Experience Center employee Zhu Xiaomu answered the news about the new resignation of Zhu Xiaomu. Adı Official rumors, not left. Basically, once a year I was leaving the job, telling people that I repeatedly gave an impression that they loved their failure and failed. Actually, they weren't that far. "

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In recent days, it can be said that the negative news surrounding hammer technology is a wave of unrest and a wave of ups and downs. has published the news that the trouble. After that, the purchase price of one million yuan was not paid properly and was sued by Coolpad. A few days ago, dozens of people in the office building pulled down the slogan "Hammer Technology and I won it".

Zhu Xiaomu is the first to hire the founder of Hammer Technology, Luo Yonghao, after announcing his mobile phone. 001 ısı was the product director of Hammer Technology UX, and now vice president of the Hammer Technology User Experience Center.

In addition, in August of this year the former Hammer Technology Industrial Design and a former senior vice president Li Jianye left the company and joined the Alibaba Dharma Institute's artificial intelligence lab.

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