Monday , December 6 2021

Fan Bingbing's tax evasion incident reported netenens exposed to Li Chen – worry-free information


Fan Bingbing's tax evasion has already settled because it has caused Fan Bingbing's popularity to drop and Fan Bingbing has not returned. Although career has fallen, there are still some gains in terms of feelings. Li Chen's statement, "How hard it is to let us go together," praised them. Over 100 Fan Bingbing crashes, news about the breakup of Li Chen and Fan Bingbing were flying, but the two men opposed the rumors of the outside world. There was something so bad about the name Fan Bingbing: Li Chen was still able to leave Fan Bingbing, and it can be seen how hard this friendship is, Li Chen is a good person who is responsible.

Fan Bingbing was safe and sound, and Li Chen returned to the country to accompany him. A few days ago, Fan Bingbing was not affected by the storm, and Li Chen was busy with his work after his return to China. Some time ago, the media shot Li Chen's airport image. Li Chen appeared frequently. Recently, some television people only met Li Chen in the cinema to see a film alone: ​​the soul was not affected by the storms of Fan Bingbing.

While Li Chen was busy with his work, he also helped his young nephew, Fan Wei, introduce the new songs and said that Li Chen's brother-in-law is very good. Everything is developing in the right direction. However, the day before yesterday, Li Chen's birthday brought Fan Bingbing and Li Chen back to the netizen's point of view. In the past, Fan Bingbing was a high-profile blessing to Li Chen in Weibo. This year, for special reasons, chose to send a blessing to Li Chen within the circle of friends. Fan Bingbing used eight words to celebrate Li Chen: "Everybody deserves, happy birthday." After seeing this storm, two men have a very low key.

On November 26, some officials published a report on Weibo, and Weibo said:, Do not hurry to check a few contracts with Li Chen? In this case the country will be more than 1.6 billion. Li Chen and Fan Bingbing each pay 800 million pounds. 800 Is Li Chen really going to be investigated? Before analyzing the possibility of research in Song Zude, Weibo, Li Chen.

In fact, Li Chen, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen's long-time joint venture of a company, Li Chen is also a major shareholder, legal person Fan Bingbing agent. During Fan Bingbing's investigation, all Fan Bingbing companies have to be checked once, including the company that opened with Li Chen. Fan Bingbing's research results were announced, the criminal documents announced, and Li Chen never mentioned, that Li Chen could be seen as innocent. In Fan Bingbing's storm, there are no tests against illegal tests.

Recently, Li Chen içins studio also sent photographs of Li Chen planlas participation in December, and prior to that, Li Chen, who wanted to stay low profile, was open to participate in this event, and he recently sent Weibo frequently to promote films. Help Fan Fan promote new songs, a series of actions have proven that Li Chen has nothing to do with Fan Bingbing, it has not been investigated. Fan Bingbing is fined 800 million, which doesn't mean that Li Chen is illegal, I believe everyone will have their own decisions.

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