Tuesday , December 1 2020

Eason Chan & # 39; s new song has the suspicion of plagiarism.

Original title: Eason Chan's new song has a suspicion of plagiarism.

Eason Chan responded to alleged plagiarism

Korean singer Yin Zhongxin

According to media reports from Hong Kong, Eason Chan launched a new Canton album "L.O.V.E" next month. "The main song" Can Be Again "was recently discussed by fans and accused of resembling the song's melody, Korean singer Yin Zhongxin" January-June ".

And Chen Yixun's agent, Gan Jingjing, suspected that he would copy the song: ş In fact, there are always lots of notes, different people have different emotions. Eason Chan & # 39; s latest title song "Agave" is said to be like him. The first old song "Country of Man"! You asked me to make everyone feel that way? Of course not! "Also," One can be ", Eason Chan's journey is also a source of inspiration.

Chen Yuxun 's composition, Chen Yiqian' s words, fans have their own ideas, but they certainly do not believe that Eason Chan 's will plagiarize and some people say that they are completely different, there are many arguments.Back to Sohu & see more

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