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Deng Enxi "Famous Generation" Fan Chen Jianbin very nervous slap – Beijing News – Hanfeng Net


2018-12-03 00:02:48 Source: Beijing News

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Deng Enxi

Date of birth: 18 April 2005

Place of birth: Chongqing

Constellation: Aries

Representative works: "Doubtful X's devotion" "Hello, Chinese" "Unknown generation"

Last month, there are two works on the big screen for Deng Enxi to meet the audience: One is the director of Iwai Shunji's Hi, Hua. The film is decorated by two people, young children and Yuan Yu; The other is the word “Nameless Generation to by Rao Xiaozhi, who plays the rebellious daughter Ma Yiyi in the film, and“ dad “slaps Chen Jianbin to look at Venus. Last year, he starred in Su Xinpeng's film "Suspect in the Subject of X" and played the role of Lin Xinru's daughter.

13-year-old Chongqing does not have any performance experience, as does his daughter, intimate crying to impress Water Youpeng. In performance, he relies more on the emotional input of the character. Combined with the dance of childhood education, it has a mature temperament that can withstand the test of the big screen. Interview with Deng Enxi at the premiere of Generation The Nameless Generation, a which will be flown to Shanghai Roadshow the next day and then returned to Hengdian in the film. Performance is also a favorite for him, but he also admitted that future actors may not be busy with his career. "I don't have to have other things I love in the future. If I have a chance, let's talk about it. The future is still long."

9 years old play the foundation of dance

When Deng Enxi was 3 years old, he watched others jump.

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