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Deng Chao's "Mad Fan" came to the stage to embrace Xiao Jingteng. Insurance was accidentally hit by security. Xiao Jingteng | Deng Chao | Fans_ 新浪 娱乐 _ 新浪 _

Incarnation of Deng ChaoDeng Chao's "Mad Fan" came to the stage to hug Xiao Jingteng.

Sina Entertainment News November 22 Deng Chao[微博]Song Wei[微博]Yu Wenle[微博]Bai Yu[微博]You are welcome to attend a brand event in Shanghai. Xiao Jingteng[微博]While singing on stage as a performer, Deng Chao suddenly rushed to the stage during the performance and hugged Xiao Jingteng. Safe staff accidentally guarded the fans' cars and almost missed Deng Chao. Then Xiao Jingteng drew this video on a personal social account and published a message: "My super brother was very playful, a security guard (security guard) levy brother to rush, for a moment did not realize that he almost missed his super brother, but at the same time sister Good for the performance of the reverse gear, thank you for the support of the super brother. ", Netizen funny comment:" Super brother withdrew frantically by the security guard, "" Super brother still seems to be not enough "," ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Hey fans, Mr. Deng. "(New Fun / Text)

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