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"Clown" film recreates record: the most profitable film – Movie – cnBeta.COM

In addition to winning the Golden Lion Award and breaking the box-office record for R-rated films, DC's superhero movie "The Clown" is about to set another record:The most profitable comic book adaptation adapted the film.According to Forbes statistics,"The Joker" reached $ 957 million at the global box office on November 8 this year; The film was the most profitable film considering the cost was US $ 62.5 million.

Before "Clown", the most profitable film was 1994 "Disguise Geek", which had a box office of $ 351 million and a cost of $ 23 million. In addition, the film on the list includes "Poison", "Batman" and "Dead". Although the films of Marvel's universe perform well at the box office, profit is not impressive, as production costs are too high. At the end of October, "The Clown" broke the box-office record for the R-rated film, and now the film is still on release, so the box office still has the chance to break billions of dollars.

The history of the “clown” story was founded in the 1980s, a living comedian gradually went into a mental collapse and began a frantic criminal career in Gotham City, eventually becoming the enemy of Batman. Obviously, this film about the characters who go to the dark side is full of the features of New Hollywood, especially "Taxi Driver" and "King of Comedy" style. Martin Scorsese's impact on the film can be said to be enormous. In the producer's plan, "Clown" will not exceed "Batman" prepared by DC. It will not affect shooting plans and players' current Justice League and X Task Force options. Therefore, this version of this "Clown" may be DC's most exclusive film. In addition, director Todd Phillips also said that the “Clown bil could be developed in a trilogy.

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