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Central Bank Zhu Hexin: Gold control company has a barbaric growth, Blindly expands into finance sector | Zhu Hexin | Finance sector | Financial institutions _ Sina News


Original title: Central bank Zhu Hexin: Gold control company has a barbaric growth Blindly expands into financial sector

Beijing News (Reporter Hou Runfang) "In practice, some financial holding companies are expanding blindly into the financial sector and using financial institutions as" cash machines. The risks are constantly accumulating and uncovering, but the financial control system is still not perfect. "

In the "First Everbright – Guanghua Gold Control Forum" held today, Zhu Hexin, deputy governor of the People's Bank of China, made the above statement in his speech.

Zhu Hexin said that financial holding companies have extensive applications around the world: China has established two types of financial holding companies: one is that financial institutions invest or build on other industry financial institutions while the industry is doing its core business; Non-financial companies invest in two or more types of financial institutions.

He also said that China is currently in a critical economic restructuring and transformation and recovery period, and that a combination of opportunities and challenges is in place for the development of financial holding companies. In terms of opportunities, the demand for diversified wealth in all of society is getting stronger The need for speeding up the innovation of financial products, services and systems in the background of the rapid development of Internet information technology. In terms of challenges, financial institutions need to continuously improve their profitability and sustainable development capabilities. Financial risks also create complexities between institutions, industries and markets. In practice, some financial holding companies expand to the financial sector and use financial institutions as öre cash machines Pratik. Risks are constantly accumulated and exposed, but the financial control system is still not perfect.

Zhu Hexin said it is necessary to fill the short-term regulatory system and strengthen the overall supervision of financial holding companies in the face of new situations and duties. The regulatory foci of financial holding companies are to tightly control market access, to clarify the shareholding structure, to improve corporate governance, to strengthen the control of capital resources, to improve the capital adequacy ratio, to control transactions and to reach financial holding companies, to improve the sıkı firewall Finansal system. Regular competition and normative development to better serve the real economy and support quality development.

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