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Blessings are back! Muller took two photos and directed the passers-by at the end of Bayern, where he gathered emotions.


Original title: Fushen return! Muller took two photos and picked up the emotions at the end of Bayern welcomed passers-by.

The new weak Bayern against Bayern scored 3 goals and scored 3 goals, but the result was 3 – 3 in the league. emotion. The only win in this nightmare league could be Muller, who scored the goal.

Since the new season, Muller scored two goals in addition to the start of the league, and almost all of them were played wrong in the rest of the game. Prior to the campaign, there were only 3 goals and even 2 assists in 16 games per event. In the national team, Muller slowly lost position. Despite the match day, Muller played hundreds of games in the national team, but his performance, performance and role on the bench lasted much longer than before. Despite this, the coach praised Loew Muller. "He deserves great respect and heartfelt thanksgiving. He's not yet 30 years old. If the 100 national team finishes the match, he's really, really good, almost never hurt. When others need a break, Muller says there's a national team for everything." Up At the moment, Muller's data on the national team is 100 games and 38 goals. Initially the target activity is not low, but the performance in the last two years is not very satisfactory, 17 national team matches have scored only 2 goals, this is the World Cup. unknown.

Muller returned to the club with military medals of the country's 100 milestones. Before the match against Düsseldorf, Muller and his teammate Lewan held an award ceremony for the club. Photos and flowers. Perhaps the rhythm of the club brought Muller a different chance, and Muller finally felt his long lost goals.

Seeing that Bayern's crime was thunder and heavy rain, Jules scored a goal, but he also had cheaper defensive errors. Muller stepped forward at the very important moment. After a successful offside, he emptied the ball in the penalty area and fired a close shot in front of the door. At the end of the score he broke his score drought. At the beginning of the second half, Düsseldorf got a goal back as Muller and Lewan's heart matched, followed and followed Muller Lewan's foot and scored another goal in the penalty area and scored another goal.

He helped Bayern score the two goals, but he still couldn't help Bayern win. Although Muller's great performance is a bit gloomy due to the team's recent setback. However, in the unsatisfactory performance of the team, the sudden appearance of Muller has undoubtedly made a big profit, at least Kovac has another hand that may be on its own. If Muller can score and help as usual, Bayern's performance will not be bad, and Muller may be the leader of the Southern Star's return. Don't forget, Muller, the great blessing star of Bayern. Previously, Bayern was not defeated as long as the game took place. Muller played 81 times in the Bundesliga and in Bayern's 81 games, Bayern's record was 76 wins and 5 draws!

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