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Authoritarian! C Luo 14 to 10 goals top scorer Juventus 61 initial miracle _ goal


Original title: Authoritarian! C Luo 14 goals 10 goals top scorer list Juventus first year 61 years miracle

3-0, Juventus away from Florence in the match and won the match, winning the 13 points, 1 draw and 40 points after 14 laps and took first place. Ronaldo scored a penalty and Serie A's goals were Serie A's top scorer. At the same time, this led Ronaldo to break Juve's record of the last 60 years – in the first 14 rounds of the first Juventus season, no one has scored ten goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo played well in Juventus in the new season, scored 9 goals and played 5 times in the first 13 rounds of the league and scored several goals per game by making 14 goals. In addition, Serie A & # 39;

In this first match against Florence, C Ronaldo on the left wing is very active, intersecting after the gate and the ball is very threatening. 79. 79 minutes into the game, the opponent's handball opponent C Ronaldo used the penalty, this penalty, followed by C Ronaldo voleyle after the team to the top of the nets, C Ronaldo Goal, Juventus 3-0 lock while helping the victory, Cristiano Ronaldo also scored his tenth goal at Serie A this season.

This goal also match the goal of C Ronaldo Pit Acec & # 39; s top scorer was the name of the Serie. At the same time, C Ronaldo also set the 61-year record in the history of Juventus. He was the first Juve player to score 10 goals in the first 14 rounds in his first Juventus season. Most recently, in the 1957-1958 season, in the first season of Juventus, Charles, Charles, scored 10 goals after the Serie A 14 series.

After the 14th round of the Serie, Cristiano Ronaldo's goal was to reach 10, and he had 5 assists, continued to play with his goals, and will play against Juventus Inter Milan next week. Let's wait and see.

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