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Asian speed! Sun Xingyu, horseback riding Pingyi blue army marched to the goal of the defense line _ a thousand


Original title: Asian speed! Sun Xingyu staged thousands of miles to ride a single ride

Tottenham 3-1 defeating Chelsea, the Asian ball star Sun Xingyu once again showed its crazy speed, the ball on the right side out of the frontcourt and hit the enemy's lair to send the ball to the net. As everyone knows, the Chinese star Wu Lei is known for its speed, but this crazy performance of a Korean brother is having trouble copying him. With this round, Sun Xingyu finally achieved a 50-point mark in Tottenham's career.

As one of the Premier League BIG6 teams, Tottenham has brought together a number of actors, including Harry, the captain of the midfield midfielder Harry and the other stars in England, Harry Kane. However, Sun Xingyu does not want to act as a supporting role. In this game, immediately after Ali and Harry Kane broke down, the King of Asia also scored a great goal.

The goal of Sun Xingqi is a classic process and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a masterpiece of a Korean career. Then, the game went to minute 54, Tottenham 2-0 temporarily directed Chelsea.Ali made a counterattack against the backcourt and Sun Xingyu rushed through the middle to get to the right, but the Koreans managed to get rid of Jožinho, and then he struggled. David-Louis' defense was opened, and eventually he was interrupted within a short period of time and came to the front of the small confined area and lost his left foot.

Sun Xingyu & # 39; s goal was to stun fans. So the fans stood up and applauded and the Sky Sports commentator who was responsible for explaining the game was; unexpected Sun. Not only that, but Chelsea players were shocked and slow. Indeed, in the face of such a wonderful Chelsea, Sun Xingyu scored such a wonderful goal, had to hear admiration!

In fact, Sun Xingqi's campaign might have started early, but the goalkeeper's performance was very good, the goal wasn't late until 54 minutes. 10. Eriksson chose the left side of the penalty area in the front area, Sun Xingyu pushed his right foot in and a little more volleyball did 31 minutes Sun Xingyu & # 39; s short-throw shot on the left side was solved by Copa. Just before midfield, Sun Xing made a shot from Eriksson and shot the ball, fell to the ground once again and saved the ball.

It is worth mentioning that Sun Xingqi's campaign is a one-mile journey and this is the first league goal this season has won, and it has also been the 50th goal scored by Tottenham at various events.Since their participation in the White Hart Lane Army in 2015, the data show that Sun Xingyu has played 154 games in various competitions on behalf of Tottenham and scored 50 goals in total including 107 games in the league and scored 31 goals.

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