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On November 23, Taihe Group Co., Ltd. and Guangda Xingyi Trust Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Mer China Everbright Trust br) and China Merchants Bank Co. Fuzhou Branch (hereinafter referred to as lü China Merchants Bank esi) has signed a tripartite strategic cooperation agreement in Fuzhou. . Taihe Group Chairman Huang Qisen, the President of Everbright Foundation Yan Guijun and the Chinese Merchants Bank Fuzhou Branch Chairman Guo Xiasen attended the ceremony.

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Under the agreement, the three sides will establish long-term strategic co-operation on the basis of the principle of temel equality and mutual benefits and complementary benefits An. Among them, the Everbright Trust will offer the Taihe Group an extensive credit line of RMB 20 billion. The Chinese Traders Bank will also support the Taihe Group in financing, cross-border financial services and other financial services.

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Taihe Group Chairman Huang Qisen said at the signing ceremony that the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement, in addition to the successes of the previous cooperation, further expanded the area of ​​cooperation and further innovation of the co-operation model. It is believed that with the joint efforts of the three parties, they will bear the fruits of strategic cooperation and create a bright future for mutual benefit and win-win.

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Yan Guijun, president of the Chinese Everbright Foundation, believes that Taihe Group is a responsible company and that & people are longing for a better life Çin. In terms of partner selection, Everbright Trust has strict standards. For example, Taihe has the same quality, taste, character, character and brand name as the main partner of Everbright Trust.

Guo Xiasen, head of the Fuzhou Branch of the Chinese Traders Bank, is taking his business development to a new level, with confidence in this strategic collaboration, hoping to share resources and complete each other with the Taihe Group and the Everbright Trust.

Everbright Trust is one of the leading trust companies in China, and since its inception, the company has been on a mission to support the economic development of the country and to serve the real economy. In recent years, the company's operating income, net profit growth has been at the forefront of the sector, and the company's business and management performance is well received by the market.

China Merchants Bank, the first anonymous commercial bank with a legal personality in China, has been adhering to the Bank changing for you 31 business service approach for 31 years and has always been at the forefront of financial innovation. In recent years, the asset size of the Chinese Merchants Bank has grown steadily, its profitability has remained strong, and its profit growth rate has been at the forefront in the sector. In particular, the private banking business of China Merchants Bank seized leadership in China, and the scale of private client assets exceeded 2 trillion points, ranking first among local commercial banks. China Traders Bank has become a large-scale commercial bank with a high reputation in the world.

Since its founding in 1996, Taihe Group has developed into a leading real estate developer in China, which has been developed for more than 20 years and has a total assets of nearly 300 billion yuan. In order to t deepen the core of the nucleus and to present the second line in a comprehensive way t, he established a national order that encompassed the Fujian area, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, the Yangtze River Delta region, and the Pearl River Delta region. At the same time, based on its own advantages in residential and commercial areas, Taihe Group actively implements the ına Taihe + kültürel strategy, gradually increases investments in medical, cultural and educational areas and seeks to create a ına Chinese-style good life Aynı.

President Huang Qisen & # 39; s speech at the meeting:

Dear Mr. Yan, Guo Xingchang, distinguished guests:

Good day to everyone!

I was very encouraged by the two-speaker. This time, the cooperation of our three companies can be signed in Fuzhou, meaning that the meaning is different.

Taihe is a company from Fuzhou and Fujian. Soon it was the birthday of the 60th anniversary of our university's graduation. I went to God, I am very grateful and said that I am grateful for the material I received. Why is that? At that time I was working to build workers and people at school. I was also assigned to CCB. I can say that I have been in the most advanced industry in China for more than a decade: one is finance industry and the other is real estate, the chance and blessing that the school brings me. .

In addition, we must be grateful for the times. It is true that the Chinese economy has evolved in the past decade and faster, and the 40-year reform and expansion have brought us tremendous changes. Today's level of economic and social development is completely different than when we first went to university.

Also, thank you to our hometown, thank you. Everyone knows that the secretary-general presided over the symposium of private enterprises a few days ago, like a spring breeze and trust for us. As an entrepreneur from Fuzhou, Fujian Province, the general secretary of private enterprises could always feel concern, support and love. Because he worked for 17 years in Fujian. Therefore, we are also experienced, witnesses and even beneficiaries. As an entrepreneur in Fuzhou, Fujian, we are both lucky and happy. A few days ago, the Fujian State Government exchanged with leaders and made a statement. Some time ago, due to the overlap of various negative factors, private organizations felt an unprecedented pressure. In this period the government gained much time. As an entrepreneur from Fujian, this trust is particularly strong. We still insist on two "unchanged" and three "no changes". Today, the Everbright Trust and the Bank of China Merchants signed a contract here to implement and implement the support of the central government's private enterprises and private economy. This is also very kind and inspiring for Taihe.

At the same time, corporate development, social responsibility and obligations must be fulfilled. From my colleagues and team, I was hoping that each project could become a boutique and become a business. It is true that the Chinese economy has developed rapidly in the last few decades, we have built many houses, but many homes are a kind of fakat fast food ev and replicas yılda How far can we go in ten or twenty years? As a company, it can be said that it is more important than making money to fulfill its social responsibilities, but it can only be responsible for customers. This is also a responsible attitude towards customers, as real estate in China becomes the most important investment and even a lifetime savings for people. In this context, we hope that we can learn from the Everbright Trust and the Bank of China Merchants through a closer cooperation and become a perfect company. We hope to be the first brand of real estate in China, this is our goal and the concrete example of social responsibility.

The signing of this strategic co-operation agreement is a further deepening of all the parties' co-operation results and further expansion of the co-operation area and further innovation of the co-operation model. I believe that with our joint efforts, triple strategic cooperation will definitely produce more fruitful fruits and create a mutual benefit and win-win bright future in a common way!

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