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World's most impressive motorcycle carnival


The man was quick and I was more, our elbows strongly fired, and he returned to apologize without slowing down. We made a friendly gesture by hand on this side. He had already forgotten about me, and I will remember that my whole life, along with Max Biaggi, is a "toponcito", a four-speed champion in the 250 category, and the world of Superbike (2010 and 2012).

This is Eicma & mdash; The most important exhibition dedicated to the two-wheeled industry began with an original and colorful opening ceremony, presented by the actress and Vanessa Incontrada. Blond refer to more than 1,200 brands, hundreds of progresses, thousands of journalists and accredited media professionals, runners, sports championships and celebrities: EICMAOnce again, and with more power than Milan transformed the two wheels into the world capital.

Activities related to the central action on six of the 28 pavilions of the Rho Fieramilano's enormous exhibition center overflowed the paths that electric bicycles confirmed to the European and world-level urban strokes. This year we miss the world style style and many Chileans already know that the capital of design, the next edition, number 77, …

We are old fashioned

As in the automotive world, it has been a frenzy for some time now and it has mastered the SUV without a contradiction, when it comes to motorcycles, the same is true of past-inspired products. We're talking about Café Racer and his classicism that revitalizes the clothes of modernism, but embellished with modern technology.

The long-awaited and acclaimed trials, prototypes and models that have lasted for years, were the launch of the new Yamaha Teneré 700. But the Japanese firm did not equip the XSR700 X Tribute with its classic charm and the Tenerife Téné 700 with the same twin motoring, without thinking that its beauty would compete with its sister. Yamaimport in Milan, the top executive of Gianfranco Mauriziano, acknowledged that both copies were on the list of priorities to go to Chile, but would be in the second half of 2019.

Even Triumph Motorcycles, which has already become a tradition, has given the retro fee to expose the fires of this year, the new Scrambler 1200 in the XC and XE modalities. And the fact that the Englishman's two people in Hinckley attacked the two beauty of the Bonneville family: Diamond and Ace T120, exactly, to respect the cult of Ace Cafe London, the tradition of British motorcycles to come together. hears. Traveling by motorcycle to cafes and various places in the city, you can enjoy moving with these means of transport, but with style, personalization and unique stamps. Hugo Norambuena, director of Triumph Chile, in Fieramilano's pavilion 15, confirmed that everything he exhibited in Italy could be seen next to the sign in the country.

When it comes to its effects, Benelli, operating under the aegis of the Gildemeister Group in Chile, once again played four launches in Eicma (last year it became the leading producer with seven models). This time, the flagship Italian brand, which today and successfully controls a strong Chinese holding company, has attacked with Leonell, the cafe racer spirit of Benelli. Of course, the classic 500 cc with a stretch of Leoncino 800 made. Already sold in the current catalog. Another innovation by Benelli addresses classicism, and the Imperiale 400 is not a part of the national proposal, but an example of the group's Gildemeister president. Sporty 752 and multi-purpose super-hit TRK 251 has closed Benelli's poker. Due to the engine that weighs 250 and less, it is worth noting that the world of long roads is an attractive product that opens the way for drivers without taking a big journey. The solidity that Benli has placed in Chile's hit par perfection very closely to his sister 502.

The beautiful English Indian house, Royal Enfield, is one of the main classics of the retro, because this has always been the case, and this time has revealed its future steps with the acclaimed KX Concept. The brand, which represents Derco Motos in Chile, revealed the Continental 650 line.

And if there were concerns about the memories, Suzuki applied to the rhythm of the recalled example of the Katana race and showed a current version of the asphalt, which prevented anger: the engine of one liter and four cylinders with 150 horses.

Honda also didn't stay away from this crash with jazz in the background, and was applauded as he showed off the CB650R, an industrial retro delight that complimented his family.


But since everything is not vintage, Milan is the place to be placed in orbit options that represent strong and stable bets at every manufacturer's home. Therefore, as a total innovation of Kawasaki, the new Ninja H2 SX SE +, which was at the top of their platform, at the head of the famous turbo experience of a one-liter Japanese motor home, climbed to the top. 200 horses

BMW did the same and fell on a new heavy weight and five: the new R 1250 family. All these glorious Germans are the carriers of the next-generation Boxer with the current double-cylinder 1,250 motor and variable distribution. On the other hand, BMW was powerful with the C400GT scooter and strengthened in addition to the angry S1000RR and F 850 ​​GS Adventure 2019 versions.

And if it was a meteor problem, MV Agusta was the owner of MV Agusta, a hypnotic, all-encompassing work of a craft jewelery. The production was taken from the best and most inspiring schools of athletes around the world.

Is speed and ecology possible? They say yes from the consolidated Kymco, and although the Taiwanese brand has shown off their overwhelming scooters, this time they bet on the super sportsman and hit the super Super Nex, which can reach a speed of 250 km / h.

In this sub-theme, which is quite attractive in this edition, Aprilia attacked a RS-660 with a large race angle to the head, but a moderate displacement that would place the hands of only 95 horses and newer adrenaline riding riders. As Vespa, Aprilia is today represented by the Italian subsidiary of Motoplex in Chile.

The world of competition and hardening was forced by the Italian TM Racing booth at its booth, which controlled the IMoto group in Chile. With many new features, the SMR 450 Fi ES 4T had a special accent.

Eicma 2018 received a solid praise for knowing that the two wheels had the decisive influence on the best and most classic moments of production, as well as the adrenal, the most savage on asphalt.

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