Friday , June 24 2022

Woman dies after being wounded and naked


A mysterious and tragic police incident in La Pintana, where a neighbor, particularly on Fresia Street, said there were many wounded naked women in the middle of the public, was announced on Saturday.

Angel Jaque, the commissioner in charge of the Homicide Brigade of the PDI, investigated in detail that they were investigating to find the identity of a person because he did not carry the document, but stated that he was a 36-44 year old woman.

She was a neighbor who had watered the garden and asked for help, but despite her efforts the woman died around 8am.

The only thing he could say before he died was, according to a witness, "raped me."

The woman was found with serious injuries to her body and, by hypothesis, is believed to have been shot by the attacker after she reached the side of the road.

The investigating police, PDI, are investigating the person responsible for the crime.

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