Friday , August 19 2022

Will Kate Middleton send her wardrobe to Meghan Markle?


Apparently, the relationship between the duchess doesn't go very well.

Meghan Markle cornered the news with a smart outfit for every public appearance he needed to meet. But he also received some criticism for his enthusiasm for the clothes he used.

And now he received a message from his sister, Kate Middleton, whose brother, Harry, appeared to disagree with his wife's extreme spending.

Middleton, the husband of the Tusk Conservation Awards with Prince William attended, and on that occasion wardrobe in 2012, decided to save a dress that was used. The fact that Markle's expenses are a media theme in this period, the Duchess of Cambridge is trying to say that his brother-in-law is no longer spending any more.

Kate Middleton wore this ring again. AFP / Jeff Spicer

The dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge cost 3,545 ($ 4,600,70).

Kate Middleton at the Olympic Games Gala in London. Photo of AFP

And the royal family's expenses are supported by taxes paid by taxpayers.

Daily Mail and Sun They have previously reported the Duchess of Sussex's wardrobe. Meghan Marklesurpassed a million pounds.

To be baptized by Prince Louis, the youngest son of the Duke of Cambridge, Meghan wore a green olive Ralph Lauren design. Photo of AFP / Dominic Lipinski

Apparently, the relationship between the duchess doesn't go very well because Queen Elizabeth II showed a clear preference for a company that has made more use of Harry's wife. For example, the monarch gave him the honor of accompanying his mother through the celebrations of Christmas in the royal court and the dignity of all the English kings.

Isabel II and Meghan. Photography / AFP

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