Wednesday , August 4 2021

Who is Daniella Durán, who came in third in the dispute between Arturo Vidal and Sonia Isaza?

Arturo Vidal and Sonia Isaza have been in a relationship since 2019. Their relationship was well known although they did not post many photos together. It seems that everything is over. Recently, communicator Francisco Halzinki, known as the “Reality Expert,” said in his stories that the midfielder and model had unfollowed each other on their Instagram accounts. in addition “King Arthur” stopped “liking” your posts.

Also, journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez revealed a new conquest of the “King”. Through her Instagram stories, she said she had conquered the heart of another Colombian woman. screw: “They met recently and he covered the America’s Cup in Brazil… Guess who he interviewed privately”.

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