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What is the "ghost touch" in iPhone X

It was iPhone X smart phone Apple's history is more expensive in 10 years (999 US $). However, the mobile phone Cupertino sold successfully with the motto of "leap forward" made a big leap in its reputation when dozens of its customers began to complain about a flaw called "ghost touch" on the Internet.

Apple forums were throwing fumas about this issue:"ghost touch"The company's technical support page.

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This creates an effect that affects the screen of the iPhone X & # 39; s, the first Apple to be unlocked without a start button, and a visible invisible finger. .

In other cases, the display does not respond or is malfunctioning.

"IPhone X" practically unavailable Because of the ghost touch. I've tried to restart a few times, but it gets worse every time. Can you help me? In August 2018, he wrote a user named Lewis on the Apple website.

One of the company's technicians answered the link for the help page that Apple has suggested to restart the device if the "screen doesn't respond to the touch". As Lewis noted, it didn't offer any more solutions if you've already rebooted and still doesn't.

CaptionSome users were "furious".

There are also dozens of comments in Reddit that reflect the problem. Apple customers appear in some of them "annoying", "angry" and even "disgust".

However, after several months of discussions on the Internet, the company accepted this problem.


"Apple has determined that some iPhone X screens can survive Tactile problems due to a component This may fail in the module's module "," this explains the company in an statement published on the website on Friday.

On the affected devices, the technology company does not react immediately to touching or reacting even when the screen is touched.

In both cases the company started a programreplacement (Free of charge) from Apple stores or authorized suppliers.

The offer is valid only for iPhone X affected by this issue. The Company undertakes to remain in force for three years.

CaptionThe iPhone X screen does not have a start button.

The company also says this measure does not cover some countries. In this case the customer request a refund.

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This is not the first time Apple's mobile phones have problems.

One of Apple's recent debates was the biri Chargegate tartış case. The problems with the batteries of the new iPhone XS and XS Max, which are new smartphones, reflect non-rechargeable failures when connected.

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There was also discussion on deliberate slowdown With some software updates of some iPhone models, Apple has been the first to accept in 2017 and is a way to manage the inevitable aging of lithium-ion batteries.

The company said, "Our goal is to offer our customers the best experience."

CaptionThis is not the first time that the iPhone's screen has been causing problems.

Nick Heer, a technology blogger developer, said "Apple has always been very good at managing expectations … this is an example of how they destroyed it".

Other analysts, "lack of transparency".

This time the iPhone didn't say much about the "component" explaining the malfunction of the X, but it offers a free change.

In 2016, iPhone 6 Plus also suffered problems with the touch screen. However, on this occasion the company made a payment of $ 149 to the customer to correct.


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