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The last one was November 26. NASA & # 39; s InSight After succeeding a landmark A successful landing on MarsIt was the seven most spectacular minutes for the experts and the team that took the project forward.

But after receiving a positive result, Now the first questions started The land of the red planet, the main task of the apparatus established by the American Space Agency in Mars.

In the midst of her initial advances, InSight managed to catch a nice gift For those who want to know the universe.

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Insight managed to capture seismic sensors winds 26-24 kilometers per hourrecord How to play bursts on Mars and record this "sound" for the first time from another planet.

According to the InSight project researcher, Bruce Banerdt, get this record "It was an unscheduled gift.but one of the things that our mission has to do is to measure movement in Mars and naturally involve movement caused by sound waves.

When the voice is arranged more vocal in the human ear, They are records of wave vibrations in the air, so the sounds at the end are the same. The next tasks are expected to have microphones to capture this type of noise more accurately.

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