Saturday , December 5 2020

Vidal's affirmation of Barcelona's commitment to Barcelona | spore

He doesn't want to waste time. Chilean Flyer Arturo Vidal As soon as he arrived in Barcelona, ​​he made an important decision: Return to training with cultures immediately.

National brochure Ernesto Valverde has decided to resign his free day. they know that this opportunity is a great opportunity to have a start on Saturday after they return to Spain after preserving their country. Atlético de Madrid.

The former Colo Colo, like the rest of his colleagues chosen, could rest for a day due to the long journey. but decided not to do it and immediately prepared the match in front of the cushions.

"Arturo Vidal wants to be a part of the game in Metropolitan Wanda on Saturday. You will do your own role to do everything possible to achieve this. For example, return to work earlier than planned. Chile, one day after the concentration of Chile, returned to the training, "said Ciollo midfielder Marca.

Tools spore He also reiterated the situation and stressed Vidal's decision, To ensure that you are fully committed to the team.

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