Wednesday , October 20 2021

Vatican to send new mission to Chile: to investigate sexual harassment of nuns | National


Vatican they sent a religious mission to Chile to investigate the allegations of former convictions of sexual abuse they had accused of dealing with a congregation. The Best Samaritan's SistersOn Thursday, he made a statement at the Chilean Church.

Sister Rosario Alonso and Father Maurizio Bridio were sent by the congregation of the Apostolic Life and Societies Association of the Vatican to determine the accuracy of reports of sexual harassment and ill-treatment of nuns within the congregation. in a report on Chilean television last July.

"Our brothers and sisters were accused of social media, some of them very serious," the church statement said.

During his stay, the mission sought to "gather the information necessary for a complete knowledge of the institution and pass it on to the Sacred Sight," taking into account the decisions it deemed appropriate.

The congregation in the Maule region announced the launch of a canonical investigation after the charges.

"These accusations must be investigated and examined, so that those practices that are true are duly ratified," the statement said.

The investigation of the mission will be extended for several months in Chile, where Chile and Bridio will receive explanations from clergy, religious people and individuals who wish to contribute to clarify this case.

This mission of the Vatican, as the archbishop of Malta and the present undersecretary of the Congregation of the Faith Doctrine, Charles SciclunaCovering these events, which were conducted by the bishops and priests, who conducted the investigation into Chile and revealed the abuse of minors. Fernando KaradimaHe was expelled from the church for sexual harassment.

With hundreds of open court cases, religious rituals gathered during raids, religious and sherbet were opened by the courts in recent months.

The pope accepted the resignation of seven Chilean bishops who were expelled from two other bishops emeritus and two priests.

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