Monday , December 6 2021 Concepción fought to the end, Colo beat Colo and classified Libertadores as a consolation prize.


Universidad de Concepción had the task of defeating Colo Colo if he wants to preserve the illusion of being a champion in the deadline. At three points of the Catholic University, the Assembly had to wait for the UC to fall against Temuco. and Although they did their work and won until 2, the Crusaders did the same thing by achieving a tough victory up to # 1. be a champion and leave penelopas as a consolation prize with the Copa Libertadores classification.

Although they struggled to defend themselves in Macul, they did not produce target options. Is always superior to the Héctor Tapia team. and giving them the illusion of being a champion was a matter of time. Knowing that the Crusaders had lost Pije in Germán Becker, Francisco Bozán & # 39; s team didn't equal any goals in the first half and Open the score at 68 minutes after Luis Pedro FigueroaIn the second half, he took a rebound and made a knock to defeat Agustín Orión.

In Monumental, festivals were released, but as they did their work, the Catholic University did something in Temuco and established a bond that allowed them to become champions. UC & # 39; He has expanded his advantages in Monumental with a goal of Luis Riveros, which classifies them into the group stage of Copa Libertadores as Philippine 2.

With this victory Universidad de Concepción added 58 points and to reach the Catholic University, which beat Pije & # 39; I participate in the Continental tournament Who played equal this year and was eliminated in the first elimination phase.

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