Friday , November 27 2020

U Concepción players fought a violent clash with San Luis

Two players University of Concepción attended serious traffic accident, only three days of the team's important match San luis This brings them closer to the title.

Paraguayan striker Luis RiverosCar driving and rear row Guillermo Pacheco they came Club Deportivo Bellavista After colliding with a speed passage, they collided with a van. A family of under 11 years came.

According to the information provided by Channel 13after shock Broken car with a broken tibia left the driverFootballers escaped, but an hour later Riveros returned to the scene Blood alcohol test was performed to confirm the presence of alcohol in the blood. Then he was released to the Procuratorate with a subpoena.

On the other hand, Witnesses guarantee that Pacheco is in a state of drunkenness at the time of the crash.

In this context, "campanil" announced that both players were "in perfect condition" He allowed them to continue training normally today (Thursday) and reach coaching staff for an important game against San Luis de Quillota.This is Sunday, November 25th.

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