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Tyson Fury etc. Deontay Wilder LIVE over FOX Sports: Explosive Fighting About Heavy Weights & # 39; you know the ideas of legends | Mike Tyson, George Foreman, Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield | Total Sports


from Mike Tysonpassing George Foreman, Lennox Lewis and Evander HolyfieldThe boxing legends of the past talked about the future of the heavyweight category. The fight between Tyson Fury etc. Deontay Wilder It makes sense to resort to the old world champions who are favorite to get rid of the ring.

Lennox Lewisperhaps the best British fighter in history, gave the forecast Tyson Fury etc. Deontay Wilder. Old-world heavyweight champion.

"If the fight develops remotely, then anger. If there is a short fight Wilder. An epic conflict and the most unpredictable thing. I can't wait to see him, "he cried. Lennox Lewis.

Same way George Foreman, the legendary opponent Muhammed AliHe also dared to speculate about the development of the war between them. Tyson Fury etc. Deontay Wilder.

"I'm a big fan Deontay Wilder and I am impressed Tyson Fury and how to avoid big blows to him Wladimir Klitschko"said senior boxer George Foreman.

"I can see anger He stayed 12 rounds against Wilder because of his height and reach. The good thing about this fight is that we all talk about something like that. I guess Wilder will win the scores but with a very strict decision "

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, both unbeaten, will fight for the world championship this Saturday. (Photo: Reuters)

Tyson Fury etc. Deontay Wilder: It was a tense confrontation with er heavy weights ”that almost ended the blows. (Video: YouTube / Photo: AFP)

Boxer Evander HolyfieldThe champion in the period of the 80s, also provided a scope between the war. Tyson Fury etc. Deontay Wilder.

"That's a great fight. anger He has many talents. Uncomfortable and long arms. It has good reflexes and is a strong counter-fighter. Deontay There must be someone who took the initiative and couldn't wait for Tyson. Fury has always been the greatest warrior in his fights and is still in the same fight with Deontay. If things get hard, [Fury] He has more experience and a lot of tricks. With Deontay's strength, I think he can complete the fight before 12 laps, but if Tyson can fool him out, he can fight it. De Evander Holyfield A comprehensive note on Marca.

For someone who is considered one of the best heavyweight in boxing history, Mike Tyson Tilt the most intelligent warrior scales. The reason for the force.

"Although Wilder powerful, nothing comparable to mental power that anger he showed that he was both indoors and outdoors. Tyson. "It will be a very close fight, but I think Fury has a chance to fight for victory," he continued.

boxers Deontay Wilder etc. Tyson Fury This Wednesday, for heavy weapons, had to leave until Saturday, as if they were angry at an explosive previous press conference.

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