Tuesday , July 27 2021

Truckers distribute ultimatums to the government for increases in oil prices

National Confederation of Freight Transport in Chile (CNTC-Chile) sent a letter to President Piñera, giving his statement. demand for discontentment and urgent fuel policiesOn November 15, during the 15th of November, he announced that he would start an uncertain strike if his demands were not heard.

The letter emphasizes the "variable and uncertain scenario of the price policies of fuels". Continuous increases in the price of diesel did not require an improvement in working capital, which would result in a near-20 percent increase.".

The letter itself emphasizes at a national level of 130 representatives at a meeting with leaders. bases of truckers demand government imposition Fiyat A fuel policy where the consumer has mechanisms for determining prices “ ENAP & # 39; s way to achieve market-driven values".

They also demand a "transport law" Establish conditions to end the sector's degree of informality"today available" directly affecting legally generated companiesThere is only one start-up legislation that deals with the norms that are disseminated only in different regulating bodies.".

"We want to transport cargo by road identification, ownership and technical characteristics of the vehicles in question. in operation, "CNTC added.

Your letter Six-day ultimatum for the government to respond.

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