Thursday , August 11 2022

“Traumatized as a family”: Victim of arson attack after she burned her home in Cañete | National


“We are traumatized as a family” In this way, the person affected by the arson attack that took place at dawn this Wednesday in Cañete, Arauco state, depicted the family moment in which he lived with his loved ones, just one month after his house burned down.

Definitely impressed The owner of the burning house was seen During an arson attack in the commune of Cañete earlier this Wednesday, Arauco state.

In this context, he stated that he lived with his wife and “my six-year-old son and my one-year-old four-month-old daughter” and said “we are traumatized as a family”.

“The truth is the house was built a month ago”He revealed the victim to show the seriousness of the incident.

Likewise, he was categorical when stating this. “I guess we won’t be going back there, really”“We are afraid,” he added.

Along these lines “we are ordinary and savage people. We are not rich people, everything we do has been done with effort”.

Also visibly impressed, “the truth I feel so lonely because even the Karabiners didn’t come”.

There were no residents in the house at the time of the attack, and the scene was in Paicaví. About 6 km from the town of Canete.

For his part, the affected person’s brother, when they came to the field Everything was on the ground as the foreigners dropped allusive leaflets and Mapuche flags..

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