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Tobar: "Poker Club" to the final of Copa Libertadores


The Chilean referee, who will lead Superclásico one way, has a story he chose to forget. In 2012, he was sentenced with an 8-month sentence for involvement in ANFP's corruption actions. And why does Boca and the river come to him equally?


Chile Roberto Tobar In six years, he went from Devoto to Gloria. In 2012, Chile had been suspended by the ANFP for 8 months, and today it has been appointed by Conmebol to take over the fiancé. Copa Libertadores de América. Tobar & # 39; s history has opted to forget the history of a section that emerged in the previous hours.

In 2012, Tobar was a known part "Poker Club" Who uncovered a case of corruption in Chilean football? In November of this year, a group of judges denounced that they were dropped by the ANFP Arbitration Commission. This led to a more complex and uncertain land: so-called "Poker Club" The judges, who would guide the Chilean football matches every weekend, were selected among alcohol and bets.

At that time, the director of the ANFP Arbitration Committee, Mario Sanchez, organized these meetings and agreed to arbitration. Tobar attended these meetings, and when everything broke up, ANFP "roasted" with other colleagues for 8 months: Cristian Basso, Marcelo Barraza and Carlos Rumiano. In addition, ANFP tried to clear the image of the organization and refused Sanchez.

Referee "card holder"

The fact that both Boca & the other Tobar reality that shake the river is a celebrity decard owner". And "Millionaire", comes with two men with six yellow and Xeneize with four. If Tobar checks the most important game of his career with a short series, the cards will fly in the air.

Of course, in the records of these Copa Libertadores services, Tobar has just exported one player from Argentine Atlético de Tucumán goalkeeper Cristian Lucchetti. Adding all the games he directed in this edition showed 26 yellow (both against Palmeiras, both against Palmeiras, one against River, against Independiente Santa Fe, to group stage). . As a result of the appointment of three Copa Sudamericana there are 17 more yellow.

Who's in the chapel? On the river side Maidana, Pinola, Enzo Pérez, Pity Martínez, Pratto and Borré. On the side of Boca Pavón, Pablo Pérez, Nahitan Nández and Olaza.

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