Monday , December 6 2021

Thousand million pesos: José Peralta's contribution to the Nazar's Power Peralta with proof of proof | the Telethon


A few days ago Power Peralta made a challenge: to imitate a series of dance steps and to share videos through social networks.

The winners would climb the scene of the National Stadium.

And they were sleeping, presented in the presence and before the people. Jose Luis NazarChile, living in the United States.

The businessman put in a condition to make a donation: if the national stadium ran against the dancers' challenge, he donated everything he had in the suitcase.

In this way, the Peralta brothers motivated the people and repeated the steps again and again until the Nazar was satisfied.

Finally, donated suitcases! This included one million dollarsbut this was not the only contribution, but the woman accompanying him had 40 million more pesos.

Cristobal Escobar | UNO Agency

Cristobal Escobar | UNO Agency

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