Friday , December 3 2021

This will apply hint rate on drinking water consumption from Saturday


The Health Services Supervisor said that between December 1st and March 31st, healthcare companies will set the maximum time for their clients.

In this way, the account can be converted into an increase in accounts if it exceeds the excess consumption limit that makes a call to draw attention to their accounts and drinking water consumption.

In most health care firms, the over-exhaustion rate is applied from 40 cubic meters as defined in each of the relevant tariff regulations.

This means that it is applied to the amount of cubic meters of water consumed after passing the specified monthly limit. In the case of an average consumption exceeding 40 m3 in the non-peak period, only the consumption rate in cubic meters exceeding its average value is affected.

”Not only in Chile, but also in the face of water shortages in the world, this is a phenomenon that is no longer a seasonal one, and therefore the call is to look at water not only during these peak periods, but also throughout the year"Health Services responsible, Ronaldo Bruna commented.

This peak period applies only to the areas of Arica and Tarapacá to La Araucanía. The rest of the southern region has a constant rate of no over-consumption.

In this context, the Inspector gave some hints for consumption responsible for water:

1. If you are leaving your home for more than a day, stop the stopcock.

2. Water used to boil eggs can be used to irrigate plants. It also provides nutrients from the shell.

3. Close the water tap when brushing your teeth. This saves approximately 12 liters of water per minute.

4. Take a short shower and turn off the switch when soaping or applying shampoo. You will save an average of 120 liters each time.

5. Do not allow the tap to run for drinking water, 12 liters of water is consumed per minute. Choose to use a jug or bottle in the refrigerator.

6. Install water savings on the laundry, washbasin and shower switches to reduce household consumption. Very cheap!

7. Clean the faucet filters once a year.

8. Correct all drip switches. You can save 180 liters.

9. The graduate is the key to what you need. Do not open completely if unnecessary.

10. Do not allow water to escape when shaving. This means saving about 24 liters of water per two minutes.

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