Wednesday , December 1 2021

"They took our only pride


The encounter between River Plate and Boca Juniors will be played in Real Madrid 's Santiago Bernabéu. And before that, Colo Colo showed his discomfort from an empathic column written by President-elect Edmundo Valladares.

Copa Libertadores' finale ended in shame. After all known dates River Plate and Boca Juniors will play at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid on December 9th.Exactly, Spain.

Given this, Social and Sports Club Colo Colo he was no stranger and elected by the president, Edmundo ValladaresHe expressed discomfort at Conmebol's decision.

. We understand South American football as a living expression with the virtues and shortcomings of our peoples.. His overwhelming passion is incomparable to the other places in the world, but also by the overflow of this passion that has reached the tragic edges – by changing examples. And of course, the instability of our organization, we tell us a lot about the ordinaryness of our ruling classes, today we can not organize a football game in the shame, even with a unique clarity reflected, even visiting fans do not have, "he said.

"These instabilities and excesses are not surprising in South America, they are as old as the Copa Libertadores. Maybe that's why we were so used to them because we couldn't visualize the timely arrivals." Prior to these events, since 2019, the international Conmebol Cups were approved to start the final match. A decision that opens a new and valid business niche for dying travel agencies and airlines. Finance may be wondering at that time the possibility of coming out of the region, said a chance at the head of the presidents of South American football for a long time.

Valladares also stressed this Değil It is already a brutal irony of fate, not the last of a glass that respects the soldiers of the Liberation wars, whose name saved South American countries from Spanish colonialism, not the Madrid, the capital of Spain. But beyond this insulting symbolism, the saddest thing is the fact that the openings of the doors, which will be completely removed from South America, are clear. If only at a predetermined stadium, the finals cannot prevent fans from seeing the finals in their own stadiums – coincidentally, if it is a finalist's place – a demonstration that belongs to the land of other people today.

Finally, he said "They have already taken us to our best players and coaches, copied our tournaments, and now they have given up our only pride: the beautiful Copa Libertadores de América. And, by the way, the majority of South American fans are accused of not seeing the teams we condemned for many years, because we cannot watch on television unless they are paid to pay. This Copa Libertadores final, a new step in favor of the commercialization and elitization of football, ignored the identity and respect of partners and fans, Permanently losing its historical and undeniably popular roots in our continent. "

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