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They extend the investigation period of Sophie: Expect their specialization in Colombia | National


Within 45 days, the investigation period was extended for the crime of the little Sophie, which occurred in the Alerce sector from the Puerto Montt commune.

A new hearing was held in the case at the warranty court. On this occasion, it was decided to extend the length of the investigation.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor and the Ombudsperson reported that they were important to clarify the participation of Francisco Ríos in the death of her daughter, awaiting the results of the tests they sent to Colombia.

Prosecutor Ana Maria Agüero said the proceedings sent abroad were related to the investigation into the death of the child.

Defenders Pablo Castro said his client had also taken care of the results because he insisted that Sophie did not cause his death.

It is reported that the investigation into the death of the baby will be extended for the last time.

Sophie case

Remember, the case was known to have died after claiming that Sophie's daughter was beaten and abused by her father.

At the time of Sophie's death, doctors would have reported a number of injuries and burns attributable to third parties.

In various cities across the country, people have shown what they are, where they refuse. to return the death penalty against those who commit crimes against minors.

Effort for Colombia

In a statement Thursday, prosecutor Marcello Sambuceti confirmed that Sophie has sought help from physicians and technicians in Colombia for the realization of medical expertise to expel or approve the pressure on the thorax.

Prosecutor, in that country, experts in similar fieldsSkills related to fraudulent actions against defenseless children.

Rios' defense is that the man has accepted that only the baby has fallen, but It didn't cause her death.

This article describes an ongoing judicial process.

There is a possibility that the accusation may be dismissed at the end of the investigation. The defendant should not be considered guilty. Until justice decides against him.
(Article 04 of the Code of Criminal Procedure)

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