Tuesday , October 19 2021

They denounced the FF.EE. Carabineros threatens accompanying teenager Catrillanca


Accompanying 15-year-old minor Camilo Catrillanca When he died, M.P.COld Threats from Carabineros After his father's arrest earlier this Thursday.

Jorge Palacios Under the command of Ercilla, he was arrested by uniformed personnel with other Mapuche commandos accused of drunkenness on public roads and disturbing the public.

However, the prosecutor later decided that it was not right to be influenced by alcohol, so he was released.

According to Palacios & # 39; s version, Carlos HuaquillanA young uncle, 9-year-old son Ercilla threw a stone in the child carriage with the bencinera in front of the police station. In response, Carabineros officials would take a stream of water from his father to react when he threw water into the car.

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According to M.P.C and his father's version, after arresting Palacios authorities recognized and beat the mancause injuries that have already been verified. They would then threaten the youth by saying: "You will fall, you, hueón".

Head of the Forensic Law Unit of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), Rodrigo BustosHe said that the minor was threatened by the Carabineros staff as he pointed out. It was said that he would be affected worse than his father when he fell.".

INDH has resorted to legal remedies for alleged threats of torture by the GOPE authorities of children under 15 years of age.

The situation led to the Interior Minister. Andrés Chadwickto give instructions Inquiry to determine responsibilities.

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