Monday , December 6 2021

They criticize Carlos Larraín for ensuring that Mapuche is Argentine: i This is an incredible ignorance Carlos


Controversial participation has brought together Carlos Larraín, such as the panelists of the National State, as the venue of TVN's political speeches.

In the midst of a debate on the crisis in Araucaní region after the murder of Camilo Catrillanca, former RN senator Mapuche was originally "Argentinean," he said.

"Mapuche entered the Chilean region 40 years ago from Almagro, because they are Argentine … They come from Argentine pampas, now, they are not Argentineans of Italian origin," he said.

He added that we should not forget that "Tarzan con pistolas" is on the territory of Mapuche.

Networks reacted immediately. One of the critics of the case was Senator Francisco Huenchumilla. Dı It is such ignorance that Carlos Larrain has such ignorance and the ignorance of the Chilean elite to know the history of this event and to understand the political-social processes, “he wrote.

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