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"The Walking Dead" 9×08: What happened in the episode? | Fox | AMC | TV | sequence


"evolutionFrom the ”The Walking Dead, ender he showed the decisive arrival of the new villagers, a different and more important threat than the death of Alexandria.

Michonne, Daryl, Jesus, and Aaron go out to look for Eugene, but intelligence is a dangerous dead.

After defeating a number of seemingly normal immortality, Jesus was stabbed in the back by one of them. So it turns out that there are living people among the dead; People who take the skin from the dead to camouflage themselves.

"Walking DeadTı In 2019, he will come back with promises promised to fight between Alexandria and this new community, which is known as a whisper in the comic. Da In addition, Negan fled.


The end of the first part of this ninth season is nearing; Andrew Lincolnwho is commenting Rick GrimesThe series has undergone the most important change in its history.

However, as the arrival of new peasants, not all disappeared. "Whispering"Although this series has not reached peace, it can give a plot of land full of fresh air."

"What we'll see"evolution"In the trailer you can see people who are displeased with this zombie group who thinks in surprise with Daryl, Dog, Jesus and Aaron, and emits sounds that may have been human voices in series, but what is more? "Whispering"The place where you can appreciate a little more about its appearance.

Official summary of "Evolution":

"A small rescue mission confronts a dangerous crowd in search of a lost friend to discover a surprising threat that can blame them."

Certainly, we will see this new group of evil men who threaten all survivors, because they have succeeded in camouflage themselves among the dead, and they have adapted to them; This means they promise to stay for the rest of the season; Also remember that these characters come from the original comics.

"The Walking Dead" 9×08, "Evolution": TIME AND CHANNEL

United States: 09:00 (Eastern Time), 8:00 am. (Central)
Mexico: 08:30.
Colombia: 09:30.
Ecuador: 09:30.
Peru: 9:30 in the morning
Argentina: 11:30.
Chile: 11:30.
Spain: 11:30.


You can watch the premiere of "The Walking Dead" 9×08 in the Fox Premium Series published simultaneously with the United States. It will also be available in the Fox Play app.

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